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Science Explains How The Beach Can Change Our Brains And Mental Health

Beach for mental health

We are all too well acquainted with the sense of calmness and relaxation that proceeds after spending a day at the beach.

Taking time off to be near water, regardless whether it is a lake, the sea or an ocean, makes people blissful and tranquil. Doctors have noticed this sensation as early as the 18th century, and have started prescribing a visit to the beach as a cure for many illnesses.

Wallace Nichols told the Washington Post that since he has been researching marine life, he has come to discover that the proximity of water, or more precisely the smell, the sound and the vast view influence our brain and make us feel restored and full of energy.

To really paint the picture, we can say that it actually brings the whole organism in a state of peace and harmony.

This is due to the so-called “blue space”, or “blue mind” phenomenon:

1.Enhances creativity

The closeness of water helps people forget about their daily problems, disputes and challenges. The whole body, including the brain, reaches a state of relaxation.

In such a condition, people are more inclined to engage in day dreaming and fantasying. The water boosts one’s imagination and helps them express their creativity in various ways.

2. Releases stress

Water is full of naturally produced negative ions, which are practically oxygen ions with an extra electron that are being created close to the bodies of water. They have a soothing effect on our body – they reduce stress, headaches, and insomnia.

On the contrary, the appliances that we use at home are full of positively charged ions, which have the opposite effect. That is the reason why staying at home makes us feel irritated and angry, while outdoor activities, especially activities near water contribute to one’s general feeling of wellness.

3. Reduces depression

The neuro-chemicals in the water have even more power than green surroundings to inspire a feeling of happiness. The endorphins help people reduce the overall levels of stress and anxiety.

The sound of the water can helps people to reach a state of calmness and stability. Those living by the seaside are exposed to smaller risks of depression and show improved mental stability.

4. Improves Perspective

As highly alert individuals, we are very much influenced by what we see. Water horizons and beautiful beach landscapes remind people of how beautiful life is.

Moreover, the vastness of the seas and oceans makes people realize how big the world is; they begin feeling as a part of something immense and start developing a connection with the world around them. Suddenly, the small, everyday problems, feel unimportant and easy to solve.