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Mind Control is Real: You Are Being Manipulated Through Electromagnetic Fields From Monitors (U.S.Patent 6506148 B2)


In broad terms, mind or thought control can be defined as the manipulation of human subjects being in a way that causes them to act without autonomy, being unable to think independently and be subjected to beliefs and affiliations that they wouldn’t freely choose.

Many conspiracy theories regarding mind control have been circling for years and a conspiracy theory is just that until proven it’s a real fact.

The most horrifying thing about the theory of mind control is that it’s more real than you may think, and the US has patented its use in 2001!

The one thing you haven’t been taught in school is the effects that frequencies have on you. These frequencies can come in various forms, as everything you see, hear and feel is a frequency in its essence.

Frequencies have many different uses. They can be used to heal, open up your mind OR manipulate it. This is in fact what the US Government has been working on since 1945.

Knowing about the gruesome experiments Nazi scientists did, the US Government thought it would be a shame to just leave all that research go to waste. That’s why, they have recruited those same scientists secretly in an operation code-named Operation Paperclip.

The main objective of the operation was to tap into the knowledge that the Nazi scientists have gathered from exposing human beings to unimaginable things.

Working together with the Nazis, the Government started developing a mind control program that would grant them power over their unsuspecting targets.

Ever since, the scientists that have devilishly consented to this kind of inhumane work have been developing more and more advanced systems of mind control through frequencies.

One such patent is US 5356368 A, issued in 1994, which is named Method of and apparatus for inducing desired states of consciousness.

This device uses pre-recorded brain waves that force your mind to feel what you are told to feel.However, their quest doesn’t stop there, as the most gruesome patent published yet is US 6506148 B2.

This patent is named NERVOUS SYSTEM MANIPULATION BY ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS FROM MONITORS and (filed in 2001) it was published in 2003.

The patent abstract reads:Manipulating the nervous system is no joke at all. This kind of manipulation can affect everything from breathing to memory and intelligence! Now, how much do you watch TV, sit in front of your computer, or in short, how much are you exposed to monitors?

This means that your mind is being manipulated through your TVs, computer monitors and really any kind of monitor that you may see!

You are being manipulated through words, sound and images – THEY ARE USING FREQUENCIES TO MESS YOUR MIND UP and use it against your free will!

This is not a conspiracy theory – not anymore. It’s real and it’s been patented by the US Government!


Spend less time in front of screens, and more time in nature.

Increase your awareness about frequencies and work on techniques to raise and strengthen your own frequency.

Question everything, give everything a chance to consider, and do some research yourself before blindly believing in or dismissing claims and ideas.

I have personally stopped watching TV a long time ago, or to be exact, ever since I started working on my energetic frequencies. It seems that the more I raised my frequency, the more I saw TV as something very disturbing. Now, I don’t even think about it.

DON’T ALLOW ANYONE TO FORCE YOU INTO DOING THINGS ‘BY YOUR OWN CHOICE’. It’s not your choice – it’s their choice and you have been manipulated into thinking that you chose that!


Source: AnonHQ.com