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Mom Writes Painfully Relatable Post About Feeling Invisible After Kids


I am sure that every mom can agree that being a mom is not a piece of cake. Motherhood is indeed a tough undertaking for all moms. You can do everything by the book, you can buy all baby stuff out there, and baby proof your whole house and still not be prepared. There will always be some things that you are not prepared for.

Anastasia Aligiannis is a mom who no matter how much has prepared for the motherhood, was not prepared to feel invisible after she gave birth to her children.

This may look like a small unimportant thing, not worthy to worry about. But, is it?

If you think about it, every mom has felt like this at some point. It is like she has become invisible, unexciting. Everyone seems to care only about the baby. She doesn’t like to be considered as someone who just stays at home and takes care of the baby.

She had a life before the baby, and now she honestly opens up about how becoming a mother changed her life fundamentally. And yet again, moms are not allowed to complain, right? However consuming motherhood is, they can’t say anything because if they do they are ‘martyrs’.

Only moms can relate when I say that it is easy to lose yourself in the motherhood because you are trying to get everything done while at the same time finding yourself overwhelmed at your completely new role.

She has felt like if everyone around her (her children and her husband) were okay then she must be okay too.

Moms, you’ve all been there, am I right?

I want to tell you that it is perfectly okay to want to feel noticed. And it is most certainly okay to want to be seen as a woman not just like a mother. Our existence and our essence are very important and we should try to not give up that part of ourselves.

Moms, you are important. You matter. Let this post of a fellow mother serve you as an example to never lose yourself while fighting your everyday battles.