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Moon Pod Review- Should You Buy This Chair?


Moon Pods are part of the new trend in the flexible use of furniture. It is a bean bag but supposedly unlike any other bean bag on the market. The Moon Pod is advertised as an anti-gravity float chair that is supposed to help with stress and anxiety.

This Moon Pod review will take a closer look at the chair and determine if it does what it says it does. The term anti-gravity can seem misleading.  Obviously, the chair remains bound by Newton’s Laws of Physics and does not defy the laws of gravity. What the advertising is trying to convey is the sensation of weightlessness the chair provides.

I recently had a chance to experience the Moon Pod on a weekend visit to a friend. I can attest to the fact that the chair is comfortable, and does provide an almost floating sensation. It cradles your body at every point of contact. It conforms to your body, without a feeling of sinking into the chair.

I suffer from constant muscle spasms in my back, and this chair proved to be the most relaxed my back has felt in ages. It offers ergonomic support, so you are not slouching as you would be in a typical bean bag. However, the chair does sit on the ground, so it requires some effort to get up and down.

In seriously considering buying one for my own home, my first question was about cost. The chair is expensive for a bean bag chair. But, because of its versatility, it is fairer to compare it to the price of a chair or sofa.  In making that comparison, the price seems far more reasonable.

What to consider before making a purchase:

The chair does make noise as the beads move and contour around you. At first, I found this a nuisance. I soon realized that once settled into the chair, and you do not tend to wiggle or move around much, so the noise became less of a factor. If you are the type of person easily bothered by things like that, then it is something to consider.

If you are still envisioning the overstuffed bean bag chairs that wrap around you, and cringing at the thought, relax. The beads in this chair feel soft, but they are firm. I am claustrophobic and can’t stand the idea of something closing around me. The Moon Pod does not do that at all. You do not sink into the chair.

Kids, pets, a spouse who insists on eating pizza on the furniture? Then you will be a big fan of the removable and washable outer shell. Getting the shell off and on is not the most straightforward task, but doable. The fabric is also stain-resistant so that most minor spills will blot off.

My favorite part of the chair is the different sitting and reclining positions. The chair moves with you so you can sit straight up for conversation, recline for watching TV and find the exact position that feels best for you.

The chair is lightweight and easy to move.  You can easily take it from room to room or keep it in a corner until needed.  It would also be perfect for those with small living areas. This chair would be a great addition to a small apartment or a dorm room.

After doing some research, it seems as though the chairs have a reputation for durability. However, they are still relatively new. I wish there were more extended term stats on how well the chairs do over the course of years. That is always a chance you take with new products. I know the chair I used had seen heavy wear and has held its shape nicely.

I personally want one for my home office. I would love to be able to work on my laptop from the chair. I also find myself fantasizing about curling into the Moon Pod to read a great book. It isn’t officially on my Christmas list yet, but it is definitely in the running.