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Mother And Son Are Becoming Father And Daughter – Experiencing Transgender Transition Together

Mother And Son Are Becoming Father And Daughter

Mother and son from Detroit go through an incredible transgender transition together and are becoming father and daughter.



Corey Madison (15) first revealed to her parents that she feels more like a girl four years ago, when she was 11.  However, it wasn’t until last year that she learned that her mother was also experiencing the same feelings and she was feeling like a man trapped in a woman’s body.

The mom and son are now going through the journey of transitioning together as they are becoming father and daughter. They talked about their experience in an interview for Australia’s “60 minutes”.

Corey Madison said that she wanted to make her parents proud of who she was, but she thought that they would stop to love her. She said that when she told them her truth, they were very supportive. She said that they are always protecting her and trying to make her happy.

Her mom Erica that is now her father, Eric Madison said that when he heard about his daughter’s decision, it gave him strength and bravery to reveal his feelings too and make the transition himself. He too was wrestling with a variety of emotions, and it was difficult to him to decide whether to transition.

He was experiencing fear. Fear of what his family and friends will say. Fear of what the future would be like.

Eric said he used to wish for cancer so he would get a mastectomy. He has now undergone a double mastectomy. He said that his husband Lee fully supports him.

When he first told his husband, he was sobbing uncontrollably when he told his husband that he was feeling like a man trapped in a woman’s body. His husband Lee just hugged him and said that he loves him no matter what, and whatever they have to do to make it work they would.

This came as a shock to Eric. Not because he didn’t think that Lee loved him, but because how can someone ask a completely heterosexual person to love them still if they are becoming a man. That’s not fair.

To this, Lee said that he fell in love with the person. She was extremely beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. And as long as Eric is happy with his appearance he would be happy too.  

Eric Madison, the father of five, now says that he doesn’t regret his transition. He only regrets not having done it earlier.