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Movie review: “IT” – One Of The Best Horror Movies Of The Year – It Will Haunt You For Days


“It,” a movie directed by Andy Muschietti, is  one of the best Stephen King movie adaptation ever made – as masterful as “Carrie,” “The Shining,” “The Mist,” or “1408.” It will ‘float’ you and haunt you to the last minute (and afterward).


Director – Andy Muschietti

Cast – Jaeden Leiberher, Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis, Chosen Jacobs, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jack Dylan Grazer, Bill Skarsgard

Rating – 7.9/10

When it comes to Stephen King’s remarkable writing that inspired so many authors and movie directors, there is one intense and powerful movie that is probably among the greatest movie adaptations of his books ever.

“It” has a scene that comes halfway through the movie that it dives you merrily toward an unexpected blood that will instantly remind you of “Carrie” or “The Shining.”

“It” is based on 1,300 pages long book that contains the same theme as most of Stephen King’s stories.  It is about the painful loss of childhood’s innocence; the deep traumas of growing-up filled with longing memories from the past.  

The story unfolds with a paper boat that floats along the sides of a street beside one dirty stream during heavy rain. Georgie, a young boy, starts to chase it but he is always 3 steps behind. Suddenly, the paper boat starts to move faster and gets sucked into a sewer that looks like a labyrinth full of rubbish and sewage but with a murderous entity living inside of it.

The entity, It, that has been gone for 27 years has chosen to return. Young Georgie, who is trying to reach for the boat into the sewers, does not realize that he is staring at the death’s eyes. And what a horrible face it is!

Under the enormous tuffs of orange hair, it is a head that looks like a boiling egg; it is peeling and cracking with two blood streaks running down the face and uniting into a grotesque smile. Under that smile, there are disgusting yellow teeth. And It’s eyes are hypnotic – always bright even when It’s face is covered in shadows.  

It names itself Pennywise the Dancing Clown and delivers the movie’s most famous line as It pulls little Georgie down the sewer, saying: “We all float down here. You’ll float too.”

Seven kids are brought together by fate six months after Georgie’s death. They name themselves “Losers” because of their bad reputation at school. They decide to figure out the strange events that have been happening in their hometown Derry where many kids have started to disappear, and an appalling clown have been noticed several times.

So, the tale begins…

Stephen King’s writing is as impulsive as always, and with simplicity, that is intriguing and attractive. The movie, however, is different.

There is a smooth Spielbergian note to it. It is a genre that stands for itself. It is more of a movie about “coming of age” than it is a horror movie.

The best scenes in It, ironically, for a horror movie, are not those where It is tormenting the children every 15 minutes with a new evil, but when it gazes to the passing of summer laying with them in the fields. The best moments are those when It is riding on bikes while standing on pedals to look taller, or when It is diving into the river wondering if the girl can notice their staring.

The audience sympathizes with the Losers – it lives and dies with them. And the sight of the horrible Pennywise is what makes them uneasy. However, the Loser’s stories, the torment and the bullying that they endure, and their true friendship – is what makes them survive.

It is not just a horror movie – It is a drama first. It is warm, and touching, and funny, and frightening, and profound, and captivating all at the same time.

“It floats. You’ll float too.”

Watch the trailer below.