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Moving with children: the main rules


Sometimes there are good reasons to make a sharp turn in life. Move to another city or country, change an apartment to a house, or simply expand by a few square meters.  The decision of the parents is willy-nilly supported by the children. But for the baby, the big stress can be movers and moving itself. Here are the main rules on How to prepare a child for the move.

Have a heart-to-heart talk

Even a very small person is able to understand why his parents decided to move. But adults need to take the time to explain the whole situation in detail. Do not use difficult words, dive into the jungle of problems and work issues. Remember that children are conservative and change for them is a frightening symbol of the instability of the world. And security is about stability. Therefore, build a conversation in the dialog mode. It is important to show the advantages of moving in the upcoming changes. For example, when moving, you may have your own room, there will be a park, a swimming pool or an entertainment center nearby. Let the child light up the idea of moving and take a lively part in the discussion of the topic.

Hire reliable movers

We strongly suggest checking moving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote before hiring a professional moving company. Expenses are always disappointing but using nowadays tools like approximate moving cost calculator or numerous apps will help you to plan and even save your money. 

Prepare in advance

Moving with children is a troublesome business, but you can often gather slowly. If you work, then get ready a little at the weekend. Involve the child in the case, assign a responsible, but simple task. For example, to pack Christmas toys in a box, wrapping them in film. Or maybe collect books. The main thing is that the kid understands his/her importance and contribution to the common cause. Children are very interested in putting up stickers. Let the baby have its own color (for example, blue), with which it will mark boxes with its out-of-season clothes, toys, and books.

Packaging and transportation of large-sized furniture and things is still better to carry out without the presence of offspring, as they can be injured or frightened by the abundance of noise and dust.

Try to reduce stress when moving

Leave the baby the freedom of choice. When packing toys, let him/her leave one or two to continue playing with them. Your favorite bunny or bear will calm you down when the children’s room is empty, and the usual things will hide in boxes.

In a separate bag, collect everything you need for yourself and your child. It must be hygiene products, wet wipes, change of clothes, clean towels, diapers and baby formula for age. The bag should be small, as there are situations when the baby starts to be naughty and whimper from the presence of other people, and when the ordered movers move the furniture. In this case, the mother will need to leave the apartment with the baby and walk to the nearest coffee shop to calm down. The essential bag with the necessary minimum will allow you to stay mobile without compromising the convenience of the child.

Farewell party before moving

Prepare a festive camping dinner for the last meal at the old place. Let it be your baby’s favorite sandwiches, juice, fruit. You can order pizza. Invite your child to have an apartment picnic with a blanket on the floor and watch a favorite movie. Try to turn this evening into a family holiday and a farewell party with games, photos and pranks.

Do not refuse to comply with the regime, even on an extreme night in the old place. Bathe the baby, dress in your favorite pajamas and tell a story, if you usually do it before going to bed. 

In the new place, the children’s room should be equipped first. Even if the parents then have to sleep on the mattress for the night, the toddler should still sleep in his place.

Give space to your creative imagination

In the new place, let the little master participate in the arrangement of his room. Let him decide for himself where the bed will stand, what flowers to put on the window, what curtains to hang. It is good if the child draws his future room ahead of time, will fantasize about it. Parents are required to slightly direct his imagination in the right direction.

The whole family in a new place should go for a walk around the area, explore the surrounding parks and squares, go to the cinema. It is important to note dangerous places for yourself to warn children.

Together, you can discuss ways to get to know your neighbors. For example, go out into the yard and meet other parents, invite neighbors with children for tea.

In order to survive moving with small children without stress, you need to sincerely love a new place, create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. Children, like a sponge, absorb the mood of adults, so if the baby sees that you are happy, then he/she will feel sympathy for the new home.