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My Anxiety Can Be Controlled By Virtual Reality Meditation but How?


Health and wellness trace everyone of us in a different manner. It differs from person to person depending on their choices, physical conditions and medical conditions too. Therefore, the treatment varies from person to person Heart Diseases. And anxiety now a days is the condition in which everyone are falling prey to and people don’t even know how to cure it because it’s the situation that comes suddenly and sometimes without any reason, person start feeling nervousness which leads to depression and if situation worsens then might cause certain type of mental illness.

In order to treat person from anxiety and depression, there are different ways, one of which is discovered as “Virtual Reality Meditation”. If we have learnt about it a few years ago that my most calming and soothing activity implicates well-built computer to our head to submerge ourselves in the virtual world, we would never have even assumed of it.

Virtual reality (VR) may possibly be an emergingtechnology;however I ensue to be the conflicting idea of it.In my household, I’m infamous for my disagreement that CDs and VHS adhesive tape should make retaliation. My husband has been acknowledged to escape with my antique phone impartial to set up much-needed modernizes.

Tillaround a year ago, VR in somepractice was hardly on my radar. Thus, it’s somewhat of a marvel that I ever got on the go with VR meditation, let unaided that I’ve come to grip it as a supportivedevice for handling my apprehensionailment.The aforementioned all instigated when I received an Oculus Go VR headset as a gift, with the endorsement I crack out the meditation app.

At start, I had stumpyanticipations. Wouldn’t the sequestering visual field make me feel shut in? Wouldn’t I get faint and nauseated? Whatever it is, it appeared like VR might upsurge my anxiety, not decline it.Yet, I make certain that I’d give the device a commotion for as long as I could stand it which I reckoned would be about 30 seconds.

GettingStarted with VR Meditation

Slithering on the headset and initiating the meditation app to the melody of mild piano music, I was astonished to find my body’s moderationcomebackreflexing in practicallyinstantaneously.As I developed it to my choice of milieu (a bench superintending the ocean at sunset) and music (a floaty ambient track called “refresh”), I touched the fears of my day fall missing. My sentient slowed. My heart rate fell to auniform, stable beat.

I be seated, respired, and appropriated in the beat of the waves for a record-breaking 40 minutes. To appreciate, I reallycontemplated under normal state of affairs is extremely problematic for my nervous mind to do.As soon as Idetached the headset to continue with my day, I sustained to feel the reassuring effects of my VR meditation capability for hours.

Starting then on, I was bowed. I at the presentguise forward to the time I devote every other day pondering in any of the app’s frequentatmospheres from chillywoodland under the northern lights to a jungle pool fringed by waterfalls.I shouldn’t be staggered, of course, that virtual reality meditation would help temper my anxiety. The paybacks of meditation are well recognized for many mental health conditions, particularly widespread anxiety complaint.

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