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Myths you have to stop believing before going on your summer vacation


Summer is the quintessence of life and the time to be happy. In order to avoid summertime sadness, stop believing these popular myths about summer, studies, and life right now.

Myth #1: Now you can finally forget about reading

Please, don’t. You have your summer vacation and you can put your math, law, and whatever academic manuals into the darkest closet, but don’t refrain from fiction books. Reading is the way to live several lives in an hour. It is a way to stimulate your imagination. With classic fiction, you can learn the history and culture of different countries. Don’t rid yourself of opportunities every book cover hides.

Myth #2: Getting help with your studies is cheating

When the summer is close, many students find themselves in a huge time crunch. In order not to be buried under piles of books, papers, and manuscripts, some of them ask for professional help. And here they face one of the major myths of the modern education system. Writing companies nowadays are surrounded with negative connotations and you will never prove to your college that you’ve used their help according to academic integrity principles.

Yes, it is cheating, when you turn in a paper you’ve ordered like if it were yours, without making changes to it. However, you can always use FastEssay writing service to find out what your teacher wanted from you and how a perfect piece of writing should look. Use a paper you receive from professionals as an example or as a basis for your own assignment. To have a great summer vacation without stress, make sure the website of your choice is reliable and provides a confidentiality guarantee.

Myth #3: You will do it next time

When you’re around 20 years old, you think that you have all the time in the world at your disposal. You don’t. Travel now, make weird choices now, and enjoy your life now. It doesn’t mean you have to give up college or stop planning. Just allow yourself to make some instant decisions and impulse actions from time to time. You might regret them in the future, but what you will definitely regret is that you had dull teenage years and have no crazy stories to tell your grandchildren.

Myth #4: You will die without Wi-Fi

There are some cases when you can. However, if you are not in the wild or on a desert island.  The absence of the Internet for several hours, days, or weeks won’t harm you. By the way, the influence of blue light that you face every day is not fully studied yet. So in theory, you can do good to your health by omitting seeing screens for a couple of days. Have a digital detox for a week to feel the full difference between online and offline.

Myth #5: You have to buy a new wardrobe every season

No, you don’t. Of course, Pantone regularly offers its “color of the year” and you want to get at least several pieces of this shade in your wardrobe, but don’t go to extremes! It is true that fast fashion brands provide cheap clothes. Modern fashionistas can say it is a sin to ignore them. However, some authorities say minimalism and conscious consumption are the way to a better future. So, instead of a total renewal of your wardrobe, opt for one or two pieces for a season. And always share things you don’t wear anymore with someone who needs them.

Myth #6: You don’t need to put on your skincare in the summer

It sometimes depends on the climate you live in. But in most cases, hot weather means higher transepidermal water loss and dry skin as a result. Moisture is essential for any kind and type of skin. Help it to stay young and healthy for longer. And it’s better to start taking care of it when you’re in your teens.

Myth #7: Sun only does harm to your skin

Unfortunately, for the last several years, skincare brands have demonized sun so much that many young people consider it to do only harm to the human body. This is not true. Sun rays are the source of life and warmth. Yes, they produce UV radiation and free radicals that lead to oxidative stress, but they also stimulate the production of vitamin D that is crucial for our happiness.

It is great to have perfect skin with no signs of photoaging till the grave, but what is the point if you won’t be happy because of a vitamin D and beta-endorphins deficiency in your body? All these hormones and vitamins are important for the well-being of our brain—don’t neglect them. It is true that sun rays can increase the risk of getting some skin diseases. This is why it is so important to use sun-protection products and to tan wisely. However, avoiding the sun totally is like avoiding life itself.

Just stop it. As well as believing all the myths we have listed above.