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If You Take A Nap Every Day, THIS Is What Will Happen To Your Body


Many times we forget what a simple nap can do for us after the everyday marathon we do to complete our daily tasks.

If you can find the time for a short nap, you will be pleasantly surprised of what it can do for you. There is a reason why we call it a power nap, after all. It is amazing what it does to your psychological and physical health.

For me, it is important to stay healthy, so I always find the time to close my eyes for a bit and have some rest. To me, small breaks and naps are key to staying in good health. Our body is a very smart system, and it always knows what it needs, which is essentially the reason why we feel sleepy or hungry or thirsty.

Our body knows that it needs energy or water and it sends us signals to give it what it lacks. It is not wise to ignore what our body asks from us, that’s for sure. Next time you feel sleepy or without energy take a quick power nap and that will be enough for you to recuperate.

These are the some of the benefits that you can feel once you start taking a nap every single day. 

  1. It goes together with exercise!

At a first glance, napping might seem like a total opposite of a good workout when it comes to our physical health. You might think that exercise is much better. Note that napping is as good for our physical health, because it restores the lost energy you have already used during the morning and the rest of the day.

Not only you will have more energy for the workout, but you will also have better motor skills reaction and better concentration, which will result in faster and more effective workout.  If you have no energy left in your body, exercise can even be damaging.

In order to have the benefit from exercising we need to do it correctly and for that we need to focus. No better way to get your maximum focus back than taking a small rest and a short nap. A poorly done workout often results in injuries that can have long term effects. Make sure you have enough concentration before you start your workout.

3. Helps you control the appetite

By having a good nap you can even moderate the desire for food that you have throughout the day.  When we are hungry our body, signals that it has a lack of energy. Sometimes it happens even though we have had proper meals during the day.

When we are lacking sleep we often try to find another energy source, such as snacks in order to boost our energy level. But, that’s not good. Your body will waste even more energy to properly digest the extra food. The quick boost you will get will reflect negatively later in the day.

Next time when you feel like you need a snack to stay awake, have a quick power nap instead. Your body will appreciate it.


  1. Reduces the Anxiety levels

Napping is the perfect way to reduce anxiety and stress levels. If you don’t give your body enough sleep, your body will release more cortisol in your system which can make you feel a bit on the edge. Never let this happen – we all know how bad stress can be for our health. In fact, stress is the biggest killer of all, according to some doctors. 

Since stress is something we can’t hide from, use every chance you have for a nap. Nothing reduces the level of cortisol like a nap. A nap will make you fill more rested, relaxed, and refreshed. Forget about all that stress that comes from your daily tasks because often, it is only present because of the lack of sleep. 

  1. Improves the hearth condition and health

Finally, the power nap also has a positive impact on your hearth. According to a study conducted at Harvard, a person who has regular naps has much lower risk of developing any kind of hearth condition or disease in near future.

Stress has a big impact on our health. Just remember that your body knows what it needs and it is screaming for it. Do not ignore it!

If you do not practice mid-day napping, then it is time to start to do so. In order for you to feel the benefits from it, here is what you need to do: Take a nap in the middle of the working day, every day if possible. Three or four times a week will also do the job.  Never ignore what your body asks from you, nobody has a spare one.