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Narcissistic Personality Disorder: How to Deal with Family, Friends & Co-Workers Showing Symptoms


We have encountered many of them. We live, work, hang out with them. Maybe, we have some traits of this disorder in ourselves as well.

Narcissists. Dealing with a narcissist can cause lots of fear, pain, stress, anxiety, depression. That’s why it’s of a great importance for everybody to learn how to cope with them.

Narcissists have a mental disorder which is called Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), closely associated with egocentrism. In other words, being diagnosed with this disorder means a person puts a great accent and gives a whole attention to their “self”. There is no place for others on the pedestal they created for themselves only. Nobody else matters.

People with this type of disorder want to be praised and complimented all the time. Criticism is something which breaks their self-confidence.

Narcissists lack empathy; they are not able to feel what other people might think or feel. Also, they tend to wear different masks, manipulate and harm people around them.

 Here are some symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

1. Lack empathy

2. Are Focused on themselves

3. Believe they are special and nobody can compare with them

4. Live in fantasies about ideal love, success, beauty…

5. Their behavior is inappropriate

6. Use other people to achieve their goals

7. Want to receive the whole attention; to be praised and complimented

8. Dominate a conversation and interrupt people

9. Criticize those who criticize them; flatter those who flatter them

9. All this happens repeatedly.

 2 Types of Narcissists:

The Grandiose/Overt Narcissist and The Vulnerable/Covert Narcissist. While the grandiose one is much more arrogant, self-confident and dominant, the other one feels emotional and helpless if not treated the way they want.

 Causes and Treatment

The cause is not known. Maybe genetic, maybe learned. There is no cure for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. However, a psychotherapy may help these people to acknowledge their emotions, act in a positive manner and improve their relationships. Meditation may also help.

 Tips on how to deal with them

 Set boundaries.

Boundaries are healthy.

Stay calm.

Avoid conflicts with them because they won’t try to understand you. Breathe.

Ignore them.

Focus on something more important.

Try to communicate with them and raise your voice when needed.

Say what you think, say it aloud. Sometimes, allow yourself to raise a voice to point their inappropriate behavior. Be gentle, though.

Don’t let them provoke you.

They will try to manipulate, and everything will be your fault.

Try to understand them.

Especially if the traits of a narcissist are found in your parents.

Seek therapy for themselves and yourself

It may help them to see the way they treat people; it may help you to understand their world.