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What’s Your Sign? 12 Native American Astrological Signs & Their Meanings


Do you know how Native Americans saw the world? Throughout time they have held sacred the connection between nature, animals and men. Yes, everything was pure and sacred, every object from the nature has a life, has a spirit and a name.

When it comes to their zodiac, you can pretty much guess that it will be connected with nature elements, with animals to be exact.

The word zodiac originates from Greek word zōdiacus which means ‘circle of animals’ and the word horoscope originates from the Greek words hõra and scopos meaning “time” and “observer”.

What does this mean? Well, in ancient times (since there was not much to do with free time) people will observe the stars and animals. In certain periods, some animals acted weird and they would do some pretty strange things.

This is how people connected the animals and the stars, thus creating the horoscope. So how did the Native Americans observe the nature? There are 12 signs in their zodiac and each sign is connected with an animal. Let’s see which ones:

Otter (January 20th – February 19th)

The otter is a symbol of life. It’s very quirky and unusual. It is very difficult to figure somebody out that was born in this sign.

They are very friendly, creative, witty by nature and independent. They are also very perceptive, intuitive and attentive and everything they do is unique.

They look at things differently than others and sometimes deal with solving the problems. The otters are sympathetic, they will always help a friend in need with sensitivity and undivided attention.

They are also honest and extremely courageous.

Wolf (February 20th – March 19th)

The wolf is a creature with a high sense of loyalty and strength. Unlike the stereotypes of being a loner, Native Americans thought that the wolf is very sociable creature and incredible communicator.

The wolf can be highly mysterious. However, people born in this sigh are deeply emotional and passionate.

They are highly intelligent and cunning, which makes them very good observers and listeners.

Falcon (March 20st – April 19th)

The falcon is the symbol for higher knowledge and success, it has the sense to be a leader. People even call the falcon the natural born leader since they have the ability to see clearly even in foggy situations.

They are extremely confident, supportive and persistent, but sometimes they can be very stubborn, intolerant and impatient.

Beaver (April 20th – May 20th)

The beaver is very strategic and cunning. It is the engineer. People born in this sign are just like the animal-they have many strategies in their heads in order to achieve their goals.

Besides being hardworking, they are witty and brilliant.

However, they know be possessive and nervous. Also they can become quite authoritative and wish to control every situation.

Deer (May 21st – June 20th)

The symbol for love and grace, peace and beauty, the deer is the muse for the Native American’s zodiac. People who were born under this sign have a huge sense of humor and can make everyone laugh.

They are quite sharp and intelligent to the point where they can make everybody involved into a conversation.

Most of the times they are moody and they can become quite lazy, demanding, selfish, impatient, and undependable.

Woodpecker (June 21st – July 21st)

Woodpecker is the Native American animal symbols for balance, progress and determination. They are empathic listeners and caring parents. People born under this sign are very amazing parents and passionate lovers.

They are also highly protective and supporting, consummate listeners, very devoted to the loved ones.

They sometimes can be little bit hard headed, which causes for them to feel possessive behavior, anger and jealousy.

Salmon (July 22nd – August 21st)

The Salmon is a natural motivator, creative, smart and has an electric personality. People born under this sign are deeply focused, determined and enthusiastic about achieving their goals.

Their enthusiasm and confidence can be transmitted to others since they are easily infectious. They are surrounded by a lot of friends since they are known to be very helpful, generous and loving.

Setting up goals and purpose for everything is in their nature so if this is absent, they could be very depressed.

Bear (August 22nd – September 21st)

The bear is the symbol for free spirit in Native American zodiac. It is the quiet one and people born under this sign are hard to figure out. They are  methodical, pragmatic, intuitive and are the best business partners.

The Bear has also have patient attitude, an enormous heart, and an intellectual and inquisitive mind. Although it is very patient and tolerant, there is a boiling point for bear’s tolerance as well.

Raven (September 22nd – October 22nd)

The symbol for balance in the Native American zodiac, the Raven is the charming one that best knows to balance the extremities of two sides. People born under this sign are very sharp and eager to get what they want and what they need, thus they are often referred as the best businessperson.

They are very social, adaptive, charming and patient and intuitive in relationships. They avoid to quarrel and share good relationship with almost everybody.

Snake (October 23rd – November 22nd)

The snake is the symbol for the spiritual in Native American zodiac. The people who are born with this sign are closely attached with the spirit world.

These people can be extremely caring, very loving, and supportive to the needs of others, making them excellent lover.

They are known by their abilities in the medical world, they are excellent healers at a spiritual, physical and emotional level.

Owl (November 23rd – December 21st)

The symbol for wisdom in the Native American zodiac, the owl is very good at imparting advice when it comes to life and its meaning.

The owl is warm and easy going and is perceived by the Native Americans as friend to the world, but sometimes it needs to be pushed to go full speed.

However, they can become very extremely selfish in their thirst for fulfilling their self-centered goals.

Goose (December 22nd – January 19th)

The goose is the peacekeeper, very methodical in its way of living. People born in this sign are very ambitious and reliable. Their main goal is to succeed.

Driven by the desire to succeed, these people are the best workers and great business leaders.

They can be highly generous and kind towards their family and the loved ones.

These people are highly talented in many things and are best known for their seriousness and practicality when it comes to work and assignments.