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Need a Reliable Timeshare Exit Company? Here Are the Top 4   


Sometimes things need to be revised! Similarly, you might have miscalculated your budget with timeshare property which has led you to terminate the contract. And not only you, with a significant dip in timeshare purchases, many people are now backing up their footsteps from the timeshare concept and searching for ways to terminate the existing contract.  

Hiring a timeshare lawyer can be beneficial for avoiding scams, resolving disputes, or getting better sale terms. It’s important to thoroughly research and review a lawyer’s references and experience before hiring them for your case.

But the process of terminating the contract isn’t easy! As you are inexperienced, you must learn the loopholes you have in your case for favourable results. Else, you can get scammed or played! 

Therefore, the best idea is to get professional assistance and hire a certified timeshare exit companies. An experienced team will help terminate the contract and eliminate maintenance charges or mortgage fees. And we have your back if you are unsure which company is best for you!  (1)

1. Timeshare Specialists   

If you have a timeshare contract you no longer want, Timeshare Specialists is the one for you. This is amongst the most affordable yet certified timeshare exits company with a team of professionals. The sole aim of this company is to end the ownership of the unwanted contract. Meaning even if you require legal proceedings or other assistance to terminate the agreement, Timeshare Specialists will make it happen.    


  • BBB ratings     
  • No up-front fees charged     
  • Provide credit protection    
  • Provide brokerage service    
  • Supports simple deed transfers     
  • High customer ratings     
  • Works with low maintenance fee timeshares    
  • Works with Inherited timeshares   
  • Experienced in working with resale market timeshares 

2. Wesley Financial Group    

Wesley Financial group is amongst those timeshares exit companies who claim to provide a money-back guarantee if they fail to terminate your contract. This company has a dedicated team of experts who will review your account, study the possible loopholes, and terminate your contract accordingly.    

However, Wesley Financial Group has good working relationships with lawyers and attorneys if your case requires legal proceedings. As Wesley follows the advocate model and specific approach, contract owners can initiate the termination process by writing a letter or making a phone call.  


  • Money-back guarantee    
  • 95+ success rate with 100% refund    
  • Equipped with 400+ experienced employees     
  • High Dunn & Bradstreet Rating    
  • Service since 2012    
  • A+ BBB ratings   

3. Resolution timeshare cancellation   

If you are looking for an affordable timeshare exit company in America, Resolution timeshare cancellation offers you wholesome services at affordable prices. This non-sales company has a trained team of professionals with sufficient experience handling any case. Even if your timeshare termination case requires legal proceedings, they work through lawyers and attorneys who will advocate your case in front of the jury. 


  • BBB ratings   
  • Easy Escrow payment   
  • Philanthropic focused   
  • Transparency with pricing   
  • Terminate low-maintenance timeshare contracts  
  1. Timeshare Compliance  

Timeshare Compliance is not a legal firm but a timeshare exit company with its advocacy group to handle legal proceedings in the case. Timeshare compliance has high Better Business Bureau ratings and Trustpilot ratings, while they have also been honoured for their ethical approach. Another advantage of timeshare compliance is they are operational on weekends and offer an Escrow payment option for an easy payment process.   


  • A+ BBB ratings     
  • Escrow payment option    
  • Got honour for ethics     
  • Highly rated services   
  • Working partnerships with finance companies  
  • Spanish language agents  
  • Available on weekends   


At the end of this article, we suggest you go through your top requirements and choose the right amongst this timeshare exit companies. However, all these companies are certified, got BBB ratings, and are recommended by experts.   

It’s always possible to terminate your unwanted timeshare contract. If you are not happy with your timeshare contract, you don’t have to bear all the charges; instead, get professionals and remove mortgage charges or maintenance fees. (2)