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She Never Gave Up Caring About You, Even When You Left Her With A Broken Heart


Yes, I know how it goes. You’ll say she should have been stronger. You’ll say that it’s her own fault. She shouldn’t have fought so hard for someone who doesn’t deserve even the slightest bit of affection and attention. But, that is the thing about life. It will make the unimaginable happen without giving us an earlier notice.

And, she knows. Oh, believe me, she’s aware what she’s gotten herself into. She knows she should raise her standards. And not allow some person to turn her world upside down shattering everything she holds dear.

 She’s aware that the right thing for her is to walk away, or better yet, run. She knows that the only thing keeping her from moving on is just one simple step. One simple sentence.

“Screw you, this is my life! And I decided I’m going to live it the best way I can!”

But it is not that easy doing it, as it is talking about it.

Even though she knows in her heart that she has to leave everything in the past, and even though she is sure of the fact that she’ll never have a future with you, she cares about you. As daylight passes by and dusk washes over the day, she stays awake and wonders what are you thinking.

 Where are you? Do you think of her?

But she’ll never reveal your weakness in front of you. She doesn’t want you to realize her heart still aches. That she still allows herself to linger on the love she thought once existed. Never again. Not after everything she endured from you.

She’ll never let you sense her hidden feelings, her deepest sorrow. It is the only thing she has left of her. And she made sure to bury it deep down, so no one would ever find it. Because she knows that the minute you feel her fragility, you’ll come back greedy and hungry for another round.

This is why she’ll delete you from everywhere or simply ignore you on the streets. The same reason she barely mentions your name and acts like you’re a perfect stranger when she sees you in public.

Because she is supposed to feel sick whenever she sees your picture. And she’s supposed to wish you were miserable because she’s feeling terrible without you. If anything, she should think less of you now that you showed your true face.

But none of that matters, because she never stopped caring about you.

And she wishes you all the best in life. Despite all of this mess.

She should be pissed, she should hate your guts and despise you the most, she should cry and scream from the top of the world, but instead, she’ll go on with her life guarding her secret that she actually never got over you.

She struggles to realize that it is a time to completely let go. …Of you, of her haunting thoughts, her wasted tears and most importantly her pain. She has trouble seeing her real value. She forgot that there’s more to life, she forgot she deserves the world.

But somewhere along the line, it’ll all come to an end. She’ll suffer through the pain, but she’ll never give up on true love.

For where is hope, there is life. And where there’s life, there will always be a new chance for love.