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This Is Why You Should NEVER Lie To A Smart Woman


Women know everything. They have an intuition so strong that they can detect every lie. Men don’t always understand how the women’s intuition functions, so, we advise all men that they should never lie to their women.

Read this short and funny story that proves why you cannot lie to a woman ever. The man in the story learned this truth the hard way.

A husband told his wife one day that he has to go on a fishing trip in China for a week with his boss if she wants to finally get the promotion he hoped for. So, he asked his wife to pack him enough clothes for a week along with his fishing box. And, he asked her to pack his new blue silk pajamas as well.

His wife immediately sensed that something was wrong, but she decided not to say anything to her husband. She did what he told her to, and waited for him to return from the fishing trip.

Her husband returned home after a week and said that even though he was exhausted, the fishing trip was a success and he had a great time.

The wife started asking him details about his trip. He said that they caught lots of fish: Bluegill, Salmon, and some Swordfish. Then, he turned to his wife and asked her why she didn’t pack his blue silk pajamas.

His wife then replied: “I did. They are in your fishing box.”