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No-Show Socks for Men: When and How to Wear Them?


Fashion doesn’t stand still. If twenty years ago on business meet someone saw a bare male ankle it could cause a wave of indignation, but now the situation has changed. Society isn’t so categorical and nobody will wonder about bare male body parts. But it is only if the look is chosen harmoniously. Moreover, there is one small secret that you should know. It comes about thin no show socks for men. Be careful wearing these socks, because there are some situations when you can’t wear them. Let deal with everything in the series. 

When you can wear no-show socks?

In the modern world, there is no place where you can’t put on such socks. 

You can wear them in the next situations:

  • At business lunch — even if you are going to have lunch with a business partner, wearing fun no show socks for men is not bad manners. If it is summer, and you are not in sandals it is normal to expose the ankles.
  • On a date — the girlfriend will appreciate it if you will look stylish. Take care of it in advance and order no show socks for men online or find them in the offline stores. 
  • On a walk — if you are going to walk in a park and look good you also can put on no-show socks. 
  • On training — doing sport in sneakers without socks isn’t comfortable. To be modern in the gym buy special no show sport socks for men. Well, apart from wearing no show socks for training in the gym, you can also opt for a soccer leg sleeve, if you’re either playing or training in the field, with or without a football. It helps strengthen your posture and muscles considerably.
  • At work — wearing the classic costume at work doesn’t prevent you to choose such type of socks.

Furthermore, if you chose the most comfortable no show socks for men it helps your feet not to feel fatigued. There are no-show tube socks for men, compression socks no show, work socks, over knee socks, long polyester socks, and more such kinds that not only provide ample support and comfort to your legs, but can also be worn with different types of trousers and pants at events, gatherings, office or parties.

But the place isn’t so important, more important is other clothes and shoes. Let us tell you how to wear men’s no-show socks.

Types of shoes that need no-show socks 

Not every piece of footwear needs invisible socks. There are many types when such socks are not irrelevant. But there are also shoes that ask you: “Buy custom no show socks”.

There are some of them:


Moccasins are shoes made of leather or suede. This footwear you should necessarily combine with no-show socks and pants, breeches, or knee-length shorts.

This type of shoe is perfect for walking on warm days when there is not a cloud in the sky.

2. Topsiders

This shoe is similar to moccasins but has one difference — circular lacing around the heel that closes in front. You can’t combine topsiders with visible socks, because even with long pants it will look absurdly. 

3. Loafers 

Loafers are shoes without laces and a horizontal strap at the front. This piece can be decorated with tassels (tassels) or diamond cut (penny loafers).

If you put on such shoes prepare men no show socks for loafers. Combine them with the classic costume but without a tie or jeans with a shirt. 

4. Converses

This legendary shoe has appeared as a result of a collaboration between company Converse and basketball player Charles “Chuck” H. Taylor. They introduced new low-rise sneakers. Over time from the world of big sports, the model moved to the shoe shelves of ordinary students, businessmen, and the rich.

You can wear them without socks or with invisible ones. As for clothes, this look perfectly suits sports clothes, casual style, and elements from the nineties. But one rule exists, the converse is better to combine with skinny pants rather than straight-leg trousers. 

5. Oxfords

Oxfords are a shoe with laces over the tongue, which is sewn on the bottom. Wear them at any event: from friends’ wedding to walking in a park. But remember that these shoes also need no-show socks. 

If you have at least one of these pair of shoes you exactly need no-show socks. 

P.S. Don’t wear socks with sandals. This shoe is made to wear on bare feet. With socks and sandals, men look like a little boy whose mom is so worried about. 

Bonus tips on how to make wearing invisible socks more comfortable

The sockless trend can hardly be called a synonym for convenience: shoes can chafe or squeeze bare feet. We suggest not to sacrifice comfort and to prevent all unpleasant situations.

  • Before leaving the house, wash and dry your feet with a towel to remove sweat and unpleasant odors.
  • Use a quality deodorant or foot powder to absorb excess moisture and deodorize your feet.
  • In the summer, at least once a month, do a hygienic pedicure to get rid of calluses and corns, to prevent ingrown nails.
  • If the shoe is chafing in a specific area, silicone foot inserts will help.

Follow these tips and remember what kinds of shoes need no-show socks. 


Following fashion is a must if you want to make an impression as a serious modern person. Let yourself feel free and be stylish with no-show socks. 

Share with us what shoes do you prefer and what socks do you like to wear?