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Norwegian Billionaire Reveals Plan To Clean The Oceans With A Superyacht


Image source: VARD

Pollution is one of the greatest dangers that humanity is facing today. The plastic that’s being wasted into the water is increasing every day. The situation is so bad that experts forecast that by 2050, the oceans will have more plastic garbage than fish.

The consequences can be devastating for the sea species, but also for people who consume sea food. As unbelievable as it sounds, we are eating the waste we produce. This large pollution is costing the world more than $12 billion a year in environmental damage.

Actions have to be taken and some change has to be underway soon if we want to avoid a catastrophic scenario for the future. The positive news is that some people have already taken some measures to prevent further worsening of the situation.

The last one is the Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Røkke, who wants to clean up the ocean with a new vessel specially designed to clean up the plastic cluttered on the bottom of the ocean.

The idea behind his “superyacht”, which will be finished by 2020, is to collect the plastic from the oceans and melt it down. According to the plan, the yacht should be able to collect around 5 tons of debris per day.

While 5 tons of garbage may sound a lot, it actually might not be enough. The stats show that every year, humans dispose of 8 million tons of plastic garbage into the oceans.

Still, the new vessel will definitely reduce the plastic waste in the ocean once it’s realized, although additional measures need to be taken in order to reduce the production of plastic garbage.

However, Røkke might have the solution for this, as well – or at least might have it soon. Røkke’s plan is to invite scientists and researchers to join him in this endeavour by studying climate issues aboard the vessel in order to fight the related problems.

In the vessel, the 60 scientists will have access to laboratories and advanced technology and equipment that will help them work on finding innovative solutions for the marine-related issues.

Røkke is not new in the marine business and he has been criticized for the profit he has made in the oil and gas sector. He owns almost 67% of Norwegian company Aker ASA and is one of the richest people in Norway.

His wealth has been estimated to $2.6 billion, and he has profited the most from offshore drilling. So, he wants to see this new project as a way of giving back to the world for the billions he has made.

Image source: VARD

RD The 595-foot superyacht called Research Expedition Vessel (REV) will be designed by Espen Oeino, and built by VARD. Other than clean the ocean, the new superyacht is already famous for another feature.

Namely, it will be the largest yacht ever built, beating the now-largest 592-foot Azzam yacht. The ship will be managed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Norway and they have complete independence over the mission of the ship, granted by the billionaire himself.

Moreover, the ship was designed in such a way that it will release low amount of carbon. VARD explained that the superyacht will include an “energy recovery rudder system, medium speed engines, a direct drive diesel-electric propulsion system with battery package, and an exhaust cleaning system,” which will also help the crew reduce their personal carbon footprint.

For a Norweigan magazine, the billionaire revealed that he is motivated to return something to the world for the profit he has made. In addition, 70% of the surface of the Earth is covered with water and a great deal of it is not yet studied, and this new project can change that.