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Nuns Growing Weed To Heal The World


Just when you think that the world is out of surprises, a quick glance around the corner will prove you wrong. A couple of nuns have taken the meaning of ‘high’ to a whole new level. These sisters grow cannabis and create a whole array of hemp products for the good of the people.

Sister Kate and sister Darcy are not the ordinary nuns you may think of. They have created their own order and they call themselves highly spiritual, but despite their white robes, they are not Catholic, abstinent or subordinate to any priest. They simply answer to a higher power.

These nuns are vegan, feminist supporters and they believe in every human’s god-given right to cannabis. In fact, they are licensed Medical Marujuana growers who operate in their abbey in Merced, California.
In their abbey, they grow cannabis and create different salves, tonics and tinctures which contain high amounts of CBD, with little or no THC (the psychoactive ingredient). Their products serve to aid people with problems varying from cancer and arthritis, to diaper rash and hangovers.

Their products are organic, pesticide free and lab-tested. That means that it’s perfectly safe to obtain cannabis treatment products from these sweet-looking nuns without the fear of miscalculated efforts or lack of knowledge. On the contrary, these sisters know their job very well!

From their calendar of activities, you can see that they treat their cannabis plants with great care and with all-natural harmless products that can nurture them and protect them from insects and other harmful effects from external influences.
They currently have an ETSY Store called Sisters of the Valley, where you can choose from their products. And these products are not only ones made of cannabis – you can also buy crocheted gloves, smudge sticks, holy soap, sacred wood and more.

Their store homepage states: “The Sisters prepare all of their products during moon cycles, according to ancient wisdom. They are activists on a mission to empower people to heal themselves.”

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