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Nutritional Plan To Become A Better Car Racer Than Ever Before


Many people wonder what the champion racing drivers would eat before a car race. Some people don’t consider motorsport racing as an actual sport and driving car requires less talent when compared to other sports. You will find a big advanced list of auto parts that boost the performance of a racing car. Just like that, a racing car driver needs high-performance food to remain healthy.

The truth is driving requires talent, and whether you are racing a taxi or a racing car, you need talent and driving fitness to perform. Driving fitness can be grown by eating the right food which is best for you. Racing drivers need to follow a special diet to increase the main point which is needed to become a better driving.

Race day diet is designed in such a way allowing you to:

  • Maintain healthy muscles.
  • Maintain the right body weight.
  • Have enough energy throughout the day.
  • You will maintain a feeling of satiety.

Major Fuels Needed for Your Body

Not all foods are created in an equal way. We should eat the right food to increase metabolism and to burn excess fat. The major fuels required for the high performance of our body are:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats

Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are sugar and starch, and it is the healthy fats which are needed to make up brain cells. The simple food that has a lot of carbohydrates is fruits, vegetables, and food grains. Before the workout, it is recommended a focus on carbohydrate food items less than 40 units. They are cabbage, apple, cherries, leafy vegetables, beans, and lentils. In the morning after a workout, you must consume food items like potatoes, pumpkin, bananas, honey, bread, porridge, muesli, and cereals.

Proteins – Your brain needs a steady supply of protein to keep you alert at a higher level which you all of you know required to drive a car at high speed. The protein diets that you must include are red meat, fish, egg, and dairy products. Grains, nuts, seeds, and vegetable are good to motivate you and help to focus behind the steering wheel. The diet for racing car drivers must include Vitamin A, B, C, and E which is necessary for driver’s health, energy, and physical tone.

Fats – There is a certain type of fats essential for your brain, but you should be careful consuming such food items. The Omega-3 fatty acid present in the fat helps the brain to form a neuronal membrane which is essential for proper functioning of nervous system. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in egg yolk oils, fish oils, plant oil and krill oil.

Driving a racing car needs energy, so a driver must be hydrated beforehand. Drivers lose several pounds of weight through perspiration during the race. Becoming dehydrated can lead to a slower reaction, fatigue, and driving errors. So racers should drink a lot of water or sports beverage before or during the race.