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12 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love


Finding real love can be difficult for anyone, but for old souls is a real challenge.

That’s the case because of these 12 reasons.

  1. They are completely aware of who they are

Old souls know themselves very well, and they know exactly what they expect from their significant other. They know which qualities they like and which qualities they dislike in a partner.

 As right as this sounds, believe it, it’s not. It definitely lowers the number of chances of finding a partner as they have imagined to.

  1. They are too intuitive

Over-thinking and reacting intuitively over something you don’t have any evidence for can often be a cause for a break-up of the relationship.

 Making wrong assumptions about everything can ruin any relationship, but especially one that’s not based on a firm foundation.

  1. They often end up in a twin flame relationship

Old souls tend to be attracted to people who aren’t the ones they are meant to be with. They rather have short and intense relationships, from which they soak up every experience they can and after a short period of time they move on.

  1. They must achieve all goals in life first

Before they give in to love, old souls want to achieve all they think is important in life.

Because they love deeply and surrender completely when they enter in a relationship, they fear they would neglect and not accomplish their goals.

  1. They want nothing less than a soul-mate love

Even for the price of being alone for a longer period of time, or even ending up alone for good, old souls would never accept nothing less than a soul-mate.

Old souls can’t see themselves being in an average, shallow relationship just for the cause of having someone to share life with.

  1. They can find a companion, but they can rarely find compatibility.

Since old souls have such fascinating views on life and they think deeply about many things, they are good philosophers and thinkers, old souls have no problems to fascinate and attract a companion who will fall for them immediately.

But when it comes to finding a person who really understands them, who can be their best friend whom they can confide to and trust completely, that’s the real challenge.

  1. They are old-fashioned when it comes to meeting new people

Old souls understand perfectly that things are changed and it’s perfectly normal and usual to find love on social networks.

But when they are the ones who need to find love on-line, they don’t feel that’s the right choice for them. They feel the same for blind dating or randomly hooking up in a bar.

  1. They want to fix people and they often attract people who need help not love

Although maybe they don’t see it at the beginning, old souls often find themselves in a relationship where their partner needs fixing rather that loving.

However, they must understand that they have to find their real partner in life, and not just pick up “students” or “charity cases” along the way.

  1. They don’t enjoy the “dating game”

“I called him the last time, now it’s his turn” or “He didn’t walk me home the last time we went out, what does it mean? Are we going to break up”? Uh. These types of questions are simply exhausting for an old soul.

They feel stressed when they find themselves in this type of relationship. Why go through all that waste of time guessing things when you can directly ask your partner how does he feel and expect from the relationship.

  1. They have high standards

Old souls have high expectations from themselves hence they have high expectations from their significant other.

This may sound perfect in theory but in reality it is not. Old souls can decide to end up a relationship for reasons that aren’t as important as they consider them to be.

  1. They come with baggage

Old souls have learnt a lot from life, they have matured, they have grown into being a strong confident person but all these things happen because they were challenged by many experiences life has brought them.

However, that much experience brings with a lot of baggage as well. Unresolved issues can often arise and create a problem in your new relationship.

  1. They fear as strong as they love

When an old soul loves somebody, they love them so hard. On the other hand, they fear just as hard of losing the one they love or not being good enough for them.

That kind of intense love, fear or any other feeling can sometimes have the opposite effect and scare the other person away.  

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