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Here Is Why Are Old Souls Generally Not Accepted By Family And Friends


Time is a concept invented by humans, measured with tools and technology, which are also invented by humans. I think that time doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t matter if a person is 80 years old if they feel young.

Also, I know people who are 18, but have figured out what’s important in life and don’t spend their time experimenting and wondering around waiting to grow up.

No wonder that we all had problems growing up. We are not keen to that change because deep inside we know that our time is passing by. We all want to stay young forever and become resilient to time.

Also, it’s safe to say that in our lifetime, we are all going to face lots of challenges. First, we face challenges with education, then with work and career. Through learning and working we analyze ourselves. Often, after years of work we realize that we are not the person we thought we are.

Some of us see that the job they have is not the best for them and they decide to change careers. Some face challenges in their relationships if they hadn’t received what they wished for.

What I find unbelievable is that these decisions and life changes are often considered as immature by the society. But you have to realize that sometimes, our perception of life changes and we have to act in order to start living again.

Accordingly, we have to respect the opinions and decisions of the so called “old souls” who have different perspective than the general young population.

Old souls trapped in young bodies are hard to understand by many. They have different beliefs from their peers, which makes them seem detached from the real world. Old souls have different opinion on owning great wealth or focusing on the material instead of spiritual. In today’s world, where the material defines the lifestyle for great part of the population, this non-materialistic lifestyle might seem odd and old fashioned.

Old souls have difficulties with being understood by the others. Their different point of view on things makes them “the weirdos”. In order to change this, we have to understand them first. Why are they usually not accepted by the others?

The first thing that makes them different is the freedom of choice. The problem arises whenever they have more options. Instead of using this freedom to choose what is best for their future they get stuck in the decision making. However, they always rely on their intuition. They want to believe in what their body is telling them and usually, they end up choosing the option that they feel is right.

Using the gut instinct is a good thing. People in general often use this type of intuition to bring a decision about their relationship or professional carrier, but old souls excel in this. Old souls rely on this type of decision making because they have seen its effect. But, they are often misunderstood when they don’t have explanation for something and just reply “I have a feeling about this.”

Another characteristic of an old soul is that they never feel like home, regardless of how long they lived somewhere. They simply find it difficult to blend in. This is a problem for them, and makes them feel like they don’t belong anywhere. Therefore they are always searching for a new place where they can feel like home.

Old souls often want to be alone, they can feel exhausted and want to get away from everyone. This can be very upsetting for their friends and family because they want to be with them. The alone time represents something sacred for them. It is time where they can enjoy the peace and reflect. It doesn’t mean that they are introverted just because they want to escape the world for a while.

They might seem isolated at times, but they love people and want to be around them. They just need to be understood and accepted as they are.

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