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One Day You’ll Find Someone Who Will Love You Like This


We are all on an eternal exploration mission for the one and only – true love. The person who will make us whole, the one with whom we’ll perfectly match like two ideally fit puzzle pieces.

In this adventure called life, we constantly meet countless of people and make the choice to either let them inside our world or just swiftly pass them by.

Some of them arrive only to teach us a quick lesson, others come to stay for a long time and then there are those who make a mess out of our world and leave us with an open chest wound.

They will tear our soul apart while claiming it is purely out of love and will leave us deal with the painful consequences of love.

Our belief system will be shattered and left with barely any hope for the future. And suddenly it seems like everything we’ve ever believed in doesn’t exist anymore.

The thing called love for which we once were ready to fight, disappeared. It abandoned us. And it hurts like hell, I know.

But life, as unpredictable as it is, will never stop surprising us. People say that when one door closes another one opens, and trust me, this is the eternal truth.

Despite every ugly challenge life serves us, the light at the end of the tunnel is real. You just have to hold on and never give up on love because one day…

You’ll find a person who will have the courage to love you from the very bottom of his heart.

You will stumble upon a person with whom you’ll immediately click. There won’t be any awkward first-date moments because you’ll feel like you know this person. It won’t feel like anything you experienced in your life…

…Because the moment your eyes met, it seemed like your heart and soul reconnected at last. The type of connection that happens only once in a lifetime. An inexplicable magnetic attraction you’ve never felt before.

You won’t bother overanalyze whether it is right or wrong because a loud voice inside of you tells you that this is it! You stop questioning and doubting how to act around him because this isn’t the same game you were once the victim of. This is real.

At last, you feel that you can be your absolute, crazy, flawed, unique self. There are no restraints. There is no faking. You’ve found a person who loves you for the person you are. And they will let you know every step of the way. No fear, no lies, no pretending.

They will let their love and affection for you be loud and clear. They’ll accept you with every baggage, every silly flaw, all your habits and proudly say “She’s mine.” This person will love you wholeheartedly. Madly. Sincerely.

One day you’ll meet a person who will make you wonder what were you doing your entire life. You’ll wonder if you ever truly loved in life up until now. Or you just think you did? This love will shake your world and it’ll make you do things you’ve never done for anyone.

I know it sounds unreal, but it is true.Every word. Don’t waste your time and energy on a relationship that won’t help you grow. Don’t be afraid to let go.

Because, I assure you, someday you’ll find a person, who’ll be willing to tear down their walls for you and let you in their world.

A person who will unconditionally choose you and will keep choosing you for the rest of your lives. Someone who’ll be brave enough to open his soul to you and will keep yours safe too.

The person who will praise you and help you shine the brightest. They will support every crazy idea of yours and build his future life with you.

There won’t be excuses anymore because you two are more than sure about the things you want. And what you want the most is staying in each other’s embrace, even when the whole wide world turns against you.

So, please, don’t waste away your fire on people who won’t bother to treat you right. Save your love for something special. Because it’ll be worth it. I promise.

One day, you’ll meet the right person.