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According To Science, THIS Is The Best Age To Have Kids


Our body has a natural course in its development that prepares us for certain life scenarios in certain periods of our lives.  One of those scenarios is pregnancy. Of course, it would be best to know when your body is at its readiest for such a heavy task.

Some would recommend your twenties, as your body does seem strong to endure the toils of pregnancy and provide for the growing life inside. However, this assumption drags onto itself some potential psychological and developmental issues.

In fact, we take a bit longer to develop than you may think. Although the most noticeable development of our body and personality happen before the twenties, we mature until our thirties. This especially goes to the female body, and the difference is noticeable.

The issues that may arise in your twenties are both psychological and sociological. First, the question of the mother’s financial and educational status is a very important one, and these aspects will soon be tossed to the background.

Then, there is the psychological issue of whether the mother is mature enough to tackle the challenges that parenting brings. This may mean that the child can potentially grow to a person with a range of psychological issues.

Having a child in your forties can overcome the possibility of the issues related to your twenties, but the health issues related to having kids can inevitably arise and wear you down.

So, scientists have started searching for the best answer to the question of when the ripest period for pregnancy is. Dr. John Mirowsky, a sociologist at the University of Texas, has conducted a study to find the best age for pregnancy.

His results showed that the perfect age for pregnancy is, in fact, the golden mean between these two ages we talked about above. And the number is 34.

This age is what Dr. Mirkowsky claims to be the point when a woman’s body is “at optimal health to prepare for and carry a healthy child full-term.”

In the study, which included over 1,800 mothers, Dr. Mirkowsky concluded that when long-term health and maternal mortality were taken into account, the optimal age for the first pregnancy is 34.

Other experts will agree, adding that many other important aspects come into play at this age. The whole picture of motherhood includes a solid relationship, the ideal amount of energy, the appropriate maturity needed to raise a child, and the much-needed financial stability.

These aspects just add up to the list of some very solid reasons as to why 34 is the ideal age for pregnancy – and we have science to thank for it.

Source: TheAsianParent