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Out with the Old, in with the New: Tips for Upgrading your life


We live in a society where everything is a rush, rush, rush and because of this we tend to live a life where we neglect what is important. We don’t find the time to attend to things as we should and find ourselves with cupboards bursting at the seams mostly with unwanted goods and no place for anything else. We need to declutter, reassess and look at where we can upgrade our lives. Decluttering can be rather therapeutic for mind, body and soul. We can change our lives for the better by making healthy changes and discarding the old, to make place for the new.

Upgrade your car

They say we should upgrade our car every five years, but this isn’t always be possible as cars can often be expensive. We should look to upgrade especially when the repairs start skyrocketing and we find we are spending more money to keep it running where if we got something newer it would be more of a benefit to our pocket than a burden. Let’s be honest, there really is so much excitement around getting something new – especially a new car (even if it’s second hand), and it really doesn’t have to be a costly affair. CarZar SA’s top rated car buyer is a great option for upgrading.

Clean out your clothes closet and throw away what you no longer wear

We love to go shopping and we get home with our new purchases only to find we have to once again find space on top of everything else or double up on the hangers. It is advisable to at least do a closet clean out every six to eight months. There is nothing wrong with keeping the outfits that are your favourite pieces but go through your closet and be brutal. Look at what you have not worn in the past eight months and toss them out – they are just taking up space. There is nothing more rewarding than taking your once loved items to a shelter and passing them onto others that are in need. Decluttering your closet is rewarding and gives you the chance to see what you need and what you don’t need. It also, of course, makes space for your brand-new purchases!

Spend time with people that inspire you, rather than those that drain you

Often, it’s in our nature are to be accommodating to everyone and to keep working on relationships with others – even if they’re not good relationships, and are people not meant for us. But this is a habit you need to break rather sooner than later. Declutter this area of your life so that you can make space for good energy, instead of putting up with those that drain you and leave you disappointed. There is nothing like being lifted up by friends and family, especially those that you trust, make you laugh, that share good news and drive inspiring conversations.

Do more of what makes you happy

Upgrading your life is really just about analysing different areas of your life and making positive changes. Every one of us have interests, passions and talents. Some are aware of them and other aren’t – but this is a good time to explore them. Take up a hobby of some sort or simply explore whatever interests you – you might just discover that you have hidden talents. Or perhaps you’ll rediscover a passion that you forgot about, because you were so busy working or doing other things. Hobbies can also create a happy space where you can relax and just be with your thoughts; it gives you the chance to reassess the day or something that is worrying you.

Say goodbye to unhealthy habits

Upgrade your life by starting to live a healthier lifestyle. Say goodbye to habits that have an unhealthy effect on your health and way of living. Give up smoking that causes problems not only to your health but to those around you. When you give up smoking food tastes better, you smell better, and you will start feeling a lot healthier after just a few months. You will get an appetite as smoking takes away the craving to eat. Start gym or some kind of exercise as this will improve your health and wellbeing. Change your diet, leave the junk food behind and start filling your life and stomach with healthy foods that will give you energy and leave you feeling energised.