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Peculiarities of Dating Russian Girls: Basics for Foreigners


Russian women have long become enviable brides for foreigners. It should be noted that by the time she reaches adulthood, a Russian girl will more than likely retain her virginity — after all, her mother taught her this, and the age-old traditions of Russian culture say about it. So, she perceives a relationship not as a way to get to know another man but to give him happiness and surround him with comfort.

All the time of her formation, she was instilled with the desire, first of all, for the role of a loving wife, caring mother, and reliable hostess. The love of sexy Russian girls is a path of self-sacrifice, on which the key isn’t so much personal happiness but the happiness of the family as a whole. On this path, they are ready to endure a lot: if they don’t find happiness in their husband, they will find it in children and taking care of the household.

How to Get the Love of a Russian Girl?

Anyone who decided to win her heart will have to work hard. And this path won’t be easy.

  1. She is kind, gentle, and affectionate, but by no means available. She likes beautiful words and compliments, and she will be sincerely grateful to the gentleman for them, but she won’t melt from them like the first snow under the sun. Furthermore, she likes gifts, but their price won’t evoke a sincere response in her to the extent that especially expensive gifts will be completely rejected with the best wishes.
  2. She appreciates deeds and actions, and does this on a subconscious level, evaluating them later.
  3. She will like the generosity, but deliberately and not the one for effect. The girl will greatly appreciate the beautiful and romantic surprise that should not necessarily be expensive.
  4. The man won’t be able to win her heart if he cannot find the thinnest line between persistence and obtrusiveness, because persistence will adorn her, but a too ardent manifestation of his affection will cool her interest.
  5. She loves bringing joy to her partner. If he is cold and impartial as ice — in the end, the girl will simply lose all interest in him.
  6. Sometimes, she needs outbursts of emotion. It can be a euphoric joy, a heated argument, a sizzling passion — but not always and not often.

How Not to Lose the Love of a Russian Girl?

The love of a Russian girl, her loyalty, and reliability are incomparable. But, despite her truly stoic patience, you can lose everything by making one single mistake:

  1. She won’t forgive betrayal.
  2. She won’t forgive insults, even said in the heat of the moment.
  3. If her husband or boyfriend is so stupid that he dares to seriously offend her child, he won’t only lose everything he won but will make himself a mortal enemy.
  4. She doesn’t like lazy men.
  5. She doesn’t like golden cages.

If her partner, even providing her with absolutely everything, locks her into strictly outlined frames and forbids her to do what she wants, she will fly away from such a cage because she needs to feel her independence.