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This Is Why People With Anxiety Are The Best People To Fall In Love With


Anxiety is a common disorder among people nowadays. I am sure that many of us have experienced what anxiety feels like at some point in life. In fact, having anxiety is not something to be ashamed for.

People who have anxiety feel everything deeply. Being emotional all the time is something they have learned to live with.

If you love someone who has anxiety, you love a truly emotional being that feels everything profoundly and is okay with that. These people are the most empathetic people in the world.

They are also the least selfish and self-centered people – meaning they will be sensitive and understanding of your needs and desires of your heart as they are with their own.

They will sense if you are in a bad mood or stressed up from a long day at work, and will try to do everything they can to cheer you up. These are the people you go to if all you need is a listening ear. They don’t judge.

They are the old souls in this world. They know and sense everything just by being in tune with their emotions.

These people never take anything for granted. When in love, they love unconditionally. You can be one hundred percent sure they will never try to distant themselves from you or become cold. It is not in their nature to tune out someone they love. They will always be honest with you and expect the same from you.

When you love a person with anxiety, you love someone who not only supports you, but believes in you. And most importantly – loves the ‘true’ you with your strengths and weaknesses, and does not try to change you.

They are aware that their anxiety will sometimes be hard for you to deal with. They know that living with a person with anxiety can be challenging and requires a lot of work. They also know they are not perfect, but trust you that you won’t leave them as they will never leave you. They are never going to abandon you as long as you love and respect them.

A person with anxiety will take care of you and nurture you when you are sick and hurting because they know what that feels like.

They will hug you and be by your side when life gets too heavy, and in that moment you will realize how blessed you are to have a person like this by your side; because no one understands pain and struggling more than those who experience it way too often.

They will help you fight your demons because they have been fighting their own their whole life.

They won’t ever laugh at you or try to belittle you because they know what that feels like – they’ve been laughed at many times before.

These people are real treasure. And if you think they are broken – they are not. Their anxiety should not be considered as their flaw, but as something that made them stronger and compassionate.

If you are lucky to have a person like this in your life never let them go. They will show you what true love feels like.