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People With RH Negative Blood Type Have These Special Abilities


A, B, AB, and O are the four common blood types present among humans. The difference between each is the presence or absence of different antigens after which the blood type is named. However, there is another factor which defines the blood type – the Rh antigen.

The general population contains the Rh antigen in their blood, which means they are marked with a + in their blood type. And, there is a small percentage of the world population which lacks this antigen.

The Rh antigens are proteins, which seem to be lacking in the blood configuration of these people, and researchers are puzzled by this fact. There are many theories out there regarding the reasons behind this deficiency, and some even suggest that these people are literally from another world.

People with Rh- blood type make up around 15% of the world population and they all share characteristics which are typical for their blood group. They can donate blood to people with the Rh+ blood type, but they can only receive blood from Rh- donators.

Geographically speaking, the main concentration of people with a Rh- blood type is in the north of Europe, although they can also be found in other parts of the planet. Scientists have tried to pinpoint their origin with little success. So far, they have managed to trace these people’s origin to a narrow group of territories and tribes in Europe dating 35,000 years ago.

These people’s body temperature is generally lower than average, they have red hair, green or blue eyes, and they are more sensitive to high temperatures. There are also claims that Rh- people are generally more physically and emotionally aware.

Alien theories are perhaps most fueled by the fact that Rh negative women have a difficult time delivering a child who is Rh positive. This is because under such circumstances, the mother’s body will try to kill the child she is bearing.

Modern medicine has developed interventions which can prevent this kind of miscarriage. However, bearing in mind that the body which was built to create a life suddenly terminates the same, despite meeting the necessary conditions, it all seems very puzzling.

In the end, what science has researched so far is the knowledge we can be certain of. The gap that needs to be yet understood leaves some big questions about the origins of these people. And among these questions are the theories that suggest that these people do not have the same origins as the rest of us do. Where do they come from?