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People That Struggle To Get Out Of Bed Are More Intelligent

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Rising up early in the morning with early bird characteristics may be out of the picture in today’s world, science says.

According to a study conducted by Kaja Perina and Satoshi Kanazawa, pushing the snooze button on your phone means you are more intelligent than the world’s early birds.

Referring to the recent research, individuals who choose to sleep longer instead of instantly jumping out of bed are prone to making better and more ambitious life and career choices.

This says a lot about those who claim themselves to be “night owls” and prefer to work after midnight instead of early in the morning. Looking back historically, people who choose to delay their tasks for later on in the evening have been criticized for being lazy and immature.

Hitting the snooze button meant you were not interested in finishing your assignments on time, therefore delaying them by starting later.

Well, better times have come for the night owls. As we are so accustomed to getting everywhere on time, going to bed early and getting up early, it takes some hard-core intelligence to be able to cope and perfect the snooze button.

Since it is a fairly recent discovery, we as humans have not had much time to get used to it, never mind make it a daily habit. This is exactly why such individuals are praised upon being more intelligent.

Other studies that have been conducted at the University of Southampton and other various universities found that people who go to bed after midnight are happier and make more money than early birds.

How’s that for solid proof of proper conduct?

The next time you are scolded for going to bed too late, pushing the snooze button on your phone and waking up later than expected, pop out the studies and shut up the naysayers once and for all.