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People Who Like To Be Alone Have These 17 Special Personality Traits


The world we live in is inhabited by a wide variety of people with their own multicolored personalities, their own unique traits, and belief systems with each of them having their own core values.

On one side, are those easy-going, sociable individuals – the very life of the party. The people who are most comfortable with themselves and are constantly the center of attention among the crowds.

On the other side, are those special extroverted individuals who enjoy spending their time alone. The people who don’t have a particular need to be accepted and belong somewhere. The ones whose idea of a perfect cozy night requires their quiet time in the comfort of their own thoughts.

There are a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes about these individuals which refer to them as shy, or having lack of confidence. Some even label them as loners.

However, despite the general misinterpretation of their extrovert nature, these unique beings possess a great deal of self-confidence which leads to self-acceptance and understanding of themselves. Despite their closeted attitude, they know who they are and what they strive for in life.

If you recognize yourself in any of this by now, do continue reading. These are the 17 unique traits which make the personality of a person who enjoys and prefers to be alone at most given moments:

1.They Are Open-Minded

Despite the general assumption that people who like to spend more time alone are antisocial and shy, these people love experiencing new things and open their mind to new fresh ideas and suggestions.

The difference between them and the usual crowds is that they prefer to do everything in their own time and at their own pace.

2.They Possess A Remarkable Emotional Strength

Spending time with their own thoughts and emotions helps them to understand their true nature and empowers the process of dealing with their repressed feelings even in the darkest of times.

3.They Have A Highly Developed Empathetic Side

By getting in touch with their deepest feelings, they develop a strong sense of compassion for other people’s emotions.

4.They Are Aware Of Their Imperfections

“Loners” are not obsessed with creating a perfect appearance to the world. In fact, they are totally comfortable with the idea they’re not perfect for everyone. This powerful point of view of accepting oneself is the initial way to spiritual and emotional growth.

5.They Prefer The Company Of Intellectuals

Having in consideration that introverts believe their time to be of precious value, they carefully pick the people with whom they spend time interacting. Extremely annoyed by small talk, these people prefer the company of someone who can challenge their mind.

6.They Nurture A Strong Moral Compass

The people who take pleasure in spending most of their time in the comfort of their own company have a very clear idea of what’s right and what’s wrong.

With taking their time to thoroughly think about everything that affects them, they always come to the right decision with the help of their strong moral compass which shows a high level of accuracy.

7.They’ve Developed A Strong Sense of Intuition

The more they have the time and energy to be at peace with themselves and spend some alone time with their deepest emotions, the closer they are to recognizing their gut feeling, otherwise known as intuition.

8.They Are Independent

These souls are the most independent people in the world. While there’s nothing wrong with being close with someone, connection based on actual codependence is not a part of their reality. They don’t NEED others in their world, but rather CHOOSE to have them around.

9.They’ve Learned Self-Love

It takes time in order to get to know our true self within. But once we achieve self-love and self-acceptance, it seems like the world is at our feet. These individuals learned that to truly love someone one must first master the art of loving and accepting themselves.

10.They Seek The Eternal True Love

They will never settle for less until they find the perfect person who gives them the meaning of true love. While some people struggle with the idea of being single, these souls are certain of what they look for in a partner, and will hold on until the person who meets all their desires finally appears.

11.They Are Courageous

No matter how much difficulties life brings, they will never be afraid to stand up for themselves. “Loners” possess an incredible confidence and courage that other people admire.

12.They Shine With Positivity And Kindness

Their highly developed ability of empathy towards everyone encourages them to look at the world from a positive, more enthusiastic lens.

13.They Are Loyal To The Grave

Just because someone often prefers to spend time on their own doesn’t mean that they don’t cherish friendships. On the contrary, these people are highly selective of their close circle, and once they establish the connection they place an incredibly high value on the ones they hold dear.

14.They Value Their Time

Not only they appreciate and take their time seriously, they also respect and value the time of others, showing up at the designated time, and never taking anyone’s time for granted.

15.They Are Highly Reliable

Whenever they give their word that they’re going to help with something, have in mind that they had it through their minds over and over and are more than ready to commit. These people will always stand their ground, so you can rest assured they will never bring your hopes down.

16.They Are Very Rational When It Comes To Tight-Rope Situations

Whenever you find yourself in a crisis, these people are the best to manage the situation. Due to their increased awareness and ability to focus they are able to clearly see the severity of a situation and approach it with a calm, rational and level-headed mind.

17.They Respect Healthy Boundaries

They cherish and value the roles of the people in their life. However, in order to manage a healthy relationship with themselves, as well as with other people, they know that it’s vital to set clear healthy boundaries. They will respect yours, as long as you respect theirs.