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People Who Wear Wacky Socks Are More Creative, Brilliant, And Successful


Socks – the necessity that many take for granted. We put them on, wear them through the day and take them off, just to change another pair the next day. However, even they come with certain preference.

If you wear them for the necessity of wearing them, perhaps you would never look twice when it comes to color. Simple colors such as black, gray, blue, or white will suffice. Then again, there are some who are picky when it comes to socks – the color that is.

For these people, plain colors won’t serve much of a purpose. Instead, they would choose the wackiest colors they can put their finger on – and will prefer as many colors as possible on that often-hidden item of clothing.

What if we told you that it is exactly these people that jump out of the crowd? You probably guessed that, of course. However, a new study shows that this tiny preference tells a lot more about these people.

In times when conformity is often a norm we need to follow, the most creative and brilliant ones will not easily stand for it.

There are those that are perceived as outlandish with their lack of conformity and are often perceived as crazy. Then, there are some who choose to follow the norm, but retain their originality in a very subtle way. Their last front is their socks.

Indeed, most people’s perception doesn’t really appreciate obvious differences, and these people will never appreciate someone who jumps out of the crowd with their unusual looks.

However, noticing the crazy colors of the unassuming and secretive socks that happen to lurk just below the trousers from time to time – this is a game changer in the perception of many.

As the study states, “nonconforming behaviors, as costly and visible signals, can act as a particular form of conspicuous consumption and lead to positive inferences of status and competence in the eyes of others.”

Think about it – if you don’t have the courage to put on these wacky colored socks, you will at least find it very intriguing and interesting to see a person who seems completely regular, but has this brave, colorful personality that reveals itself from time to time.

This style shows that the person will not conform completely, and will remain original, brave, and proud about it.

What Do These Wacky Socks Say About You?

People who pick crazy-colored socks are definitely more creative and brilliant. Success comes as a result of how people perceive you, should they notice the bright colors that peep below your trousers.

These people are not only seen as the creative and brilliant minds they are, but they are also perceived as having a higher status and competency than those who blend in. This flash of individuality is highly respected by those who happen to notice it.

The non-conformity of the choice shows the boldness and bravery the person possesses in expressing themselves. It points to a rebellious and creative approach to life that holds the potential to always find the way to achieving whatever these people set their minds to.

A study done by Dr. Adam Galinsky, a social psychologist from the Northwestern University, reveals that what we wear affects the way we feel, think, and act. Galinsky says that besides thinking with our brains, we also think with our body.

This embodied cognition includes the clothes we wear. So, wearing wacky socks really does affect the way these people perceive and act in this world. They stand for a carefree attitude and the ability to step bravely into new challenges and ideas.

Wearing wacky socks allows these people to feel more comfortable in their shoes (mentally speaking), and thus more confident in whatever they set their minds on. They walk a carefree pace, that is not conditioned by what others think of them.

So, if you are one of those who appreciate fun and unusual socks, then walk on and be proud of your non-conforming, unique personality. People will appreciate your originality and boldness.