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How To Perfect Your French Kiss In Just 5 Easy Steps

what is french kissing

What Is French Kissing?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, french kissing is “an open-mouth kiss usually involving tongue-to-tongue contact”.

In other words, a French kiss is an amorous kiss where the partners use their tongues to touch each other’s tongue or lips. This kiss can be very stimulating and erotic since the tongue, and the lips are very sensitive to touch. Therefore, a French kiss can be powerful foreplay and can induce high sexual arousal in partners.

Plus, French kissing releases endorphins and reduces stress levels in a person.

Where Does French Kissing Come From?

The term French kiss was first used by the British and the Americans in the early 1900s because it was a popular belief that French people were more adventurous and open to sexual experiments and practices.

French Kissing vs. Regular Kissing

A regular kiss or a “smooch” is a lip-to-lip kiss without using a tongue. It is gently touching one another’s lips. French kiss, on the other hand, involves using the lips as well as the tongues of the partners.

And while both types of kissing are expressions of affection, love, and sexual desire, “smooches” are less intense and less passionate than French kisses. French kisses can be extremely passionate and sexually arousing; thus, they are almost always a part of the foreplay.

What Does French Kissing Feel Like?

Your lips and tongue are highly sensitive because they are full of nerve endings. Therefore, when you french kiss someone, you will get the sensation of feeling their tongue touch your tongue, which can be an enjoyable (and arousing!) experience.

French kissing is an overall intimate and bonding experience between two lovers as it can increase the feelings they have for each other.

How To Perfect Your French Kiss?

Do you think you are a great French kisser? No matter how great you think you are, there is always room for improvement. Read on these 5 simple french kissing techniques to become a better kisser instantly! (1)

1. Look your partner in the eyes and smile

You have to look your partner directly in the eyes while giving them a little sexy smile. However, be careful not to stare at them for too long. Look at them just enough so you can let them know you want them and you find them attractive. 

2. Top lip – bottom lip

Start by kissing your partner’s top lip and then go to their bottom lip. And, then back to their top lip. Just make sure your lips don’t cover your partner’s mouth – that is not good. Begin with a soft kiss, so you have something from which you can work your way up toward a more passionate one. (2)

3. Introduce the tongue

Introduce your tongue gently and slowly into the kiss. But, don’t stick it out too far or keep it in your mouth. Your tongue shouldn’t go more than halfway out of your mouth. Then, start massaging your partner’s insides of their mouth with your tongue but don’t do it forcefully – try to make it feel natural.

4. Move around

When you are French kissing, keep your head moving but not too much and not too fast. However, you don’t want to stay in one place too long either – the kiss will be more passionate when there is more head movement.

5. Take breaks

An important part of the kissing process is taking breaks. Just think of the kiss as a wave crashing on the sand, and then it slowly retreats. The break of the kiss is the retreating part of the wave.

Finally, when you are done kissing, don’t forget to smile! That’s the cherry on top.