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5 Signs Your Personality Is Intimidating Others (Never Tolerate #3)


This personal trait might be the reason why people feel intimidated in front of you

Very often, our personality is just a reflection of events that we went through in our lifetime. Privately, we often don’t know how tough we are until we are forced to face a difficult situation, and only then we see our real strength.

Strong personality is a good thing and all of us should have it, but sometimes that can cause fear in others. In many cases, people who have strong personality are intimidating to other people. Most of the time it is not their intention to intimidate others, but it is a result of their tough attitude.

Intimidation can have different meaning for different people, but there are some things that can contribute to it.  

These are 5 things that make a personality look intimidating:

1.Intellectual conversations

People who have a strong personality have difficulty just to chit-chat. Most of the time they will consider it a waste of time. When this person is involved in a conversation, they want it to be intellectual, and it is really hard to accommodate their standards. They want someone who is curious about the world, someone who’s not limited.

They will not hide this side of their personality. Strong minded people might even go far and tell you that you are wasting their time. They are very pragmatic, and they will talk only if the conversation is in their interest. For some people this might be intimidating and rough.

2. Luck follows the brave and hardworking

Often, strong characters are also very successful and when it comes to success, people with strong personality have one motto: Work hard and never let an opportunity go by. They instantly recognize an opportunity and they go for it without hesitation, regardless what others might think or feel about it. It might seem selfish but this is their recipe for success. In many cases, strong minded people are obsessed with success and they will not stop until they have it. This could easily become intimidating for the people around them.

3. You get annoyed with some people

In general, people with strong personality are well educated and well informed. They are well aware of anything that happens in their surroundings, and they spend lots of time exploring the world around them.

This type of people have high self-confidence and get annoyed easily. Therefore they will not tolerate a small talk with someone who’s ignorant, fake and judgmental. It might seem rude but people with strong personality will try to avoid people that they consider unworthy.

4. Not interested in drawing attention

While many people feel good when they have attention drawn to them, people with strong personality don’t really care about it. They will not try to get attention from others in any way, good or bad. They simply don’t feel the need for it.

Actually, all they want to do is to do a good job and succeed. They might seem rude to attention lovers as they might show disrespect for them. From their point of view, people who are asking for attention are people who have no self-confidence and have weak personality.

5. They are not interested in apologizes

You will never hear an excuse from a person with strong personality. They are very pragmatic and ethical when working, they know that life is not perfect and they accept that easily. When there is a problem they make an effort to solve it, instead of coming up with an excuse.

Their mindset doesn’t allow them to tolerate people who are always complaining and finding excuses for their failures.  They just don’t respect whining, and they aren’t afraid to criticize it.