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Personality Test: Which Face Is Happier?


I am sure that everyone is familiar with the theory of the right-brain or left-brain dominance – that every person’s brain is designed to work differently using one side more than the other.

In turn, people who use the left side of their brain more are said to be more rational and practical with a more objective approach to things.

Contrary to them, people whose right side of their brain is more dominant tend to be intuitive and emotional with a subjective outlook on things.

So, if you want to find out quickly which side of your brain is more dominant, look at the picture below and decide which face seems happier.

If your choice is Face A:

Choosing the picture A means that you are left-brained. You have a very practical and systematic approach to everything in your life. You follow your brain, and not your heart. You believe in logic and you are very pragmatic about things in general. Also, you are an excellent critic. You see things from a different angle than others and tend to overanalyze situations until you are sure your judgment is right.

If your choice is Face B:

If you choose the picture B, this means that you have a very creative side in you. You approach everything in your life subjectively and you don’t exclude your emotions when you make decisions and judgments. You love to express yourself in different ways because you have a very vivid inner world and a wild imagination. Your mind is always trying to create new things.

Which one did you get? Are you using the left or the right side of your brain? Tell us in the comments.