Home Reviews Physical Intimacy With Erectile Dysfunction: Is It Possible?

Physical Intimacy With Erectile Dysfunction: Is It Possible?

Physical Intimacy With Erectile Dysfunction: Is It Possible?

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition that affects about 30 million men in the United States. On a global scale, scientists estimate that there will be a prevalence of 322 million in 2025. Erectile dysfunction is also expected to increase in South America, Africa, and Asia.

As observed, more and more men battle with this condition. Hence, one of the first things they ask their healthcare providers is if physical intimacy can be achieved with erectile dysfunction. This page discusses the possibilities of intimacy with ED and how you and your partner can have enjoyable sexual activities.

Erectile Dysfunction: Explained

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. Talking about sex continues to be taboo in many cultures. It’s why there’s a rise in teenage and unwanted pregnancies in places with limited information about sex education. Talking about sex and one’s erectile dysfunction is considered embarrassing to discuss with other people. However, more than half of men between 40 and 70 experience ED.

It’s one of the disorders in the DSM-5-TR or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, Text Revision. It includes the inability or decrease to achieve erectile rigidity during sexual activity with a partner.

Erectile dysfunction occurs due to psychological or physiological reasons. Stress, too much alcohol, and tiredness can cause this condition. However, impotence can also be a side effect of some medicines. If you’ve noticed that the dysfunction occurs often, it may be due to high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

You should first consult with your physician to get an accurate diagnosis and pinpoint the cause of this condition. Doing so can help patients manage their symptoms more effectively.

Effectiveness of Medicine Today

It’s beneficial to consult your healthcare provider for diagnostic purposes and to evaluate the need for erectile dysfunction medication. Yes, there’s actual sexual performance medication that’s FDA-approved and taken by many patients, such as Cialis, Viagra, and many more.

These medications make it easier for patients to manage their erection during sex. Before you run to your nearest drugstore, you should know that these medications require a prescription from your physician. Consulting with your healthcare provider also enables you to get a prescription for the medication that suits you. To save money, you may also get a cialis coupon 2023 only from BuzzRx.

The Benefits of Sex Toys

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your shopping applications’ sex toy section, hoping it would solve your erectile dysfunction? Many men try to take this action before seeing their healthcare provider just to avoid the awkward conversation they may have. There have been numerous claims about male sex toys, and numerous people are fans. Let’s discuss the different sex toys you can use for your ED.

  • Male vibrators: Besides cock rings, male vibrators are excellent support for both partners due to the added stimulation that vibrators emit.
  • Cock rings: These ring-shaped devices are flexible and worn at the base of the penis. It’s used to enhance one’s sexual pleasure during sexual activities. It works by slowing down the blood flow out of the penis, which enables a prolonged erection during sexual intercourse. These sex toys, especially if they’re vibrating, make a great tool to use in bed.
  • Penis sleeves: Think of a sleeve but for a penis. It’s a tube-shaped sex toy that males wear over their penis during sexual intercourse. It’s useful for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction since it makes penetrative sex easier for those with this condition and pleasurable for both partners. It’s great for the other partner since it can increase the length and girth of your penis.

Foreplay and Its Importance

Foreplay is characterized as the intimate physical stimulation that’s highly erotic before the “main event” of the sexual activity, which is penetrative sex. Foreplay includes nipple play, hand jobs, French kissing, stimulation, oral sex, and more. Foreplay can be anything that two consenting parties agree to.

Foreplay physically and mentally stimulates you and your partner to have an enjoyable time when it’s time for penetrative sex; more importantly, it can help you maintain a firm erection during sex.

Note that foreplay isn’t a solution to erectile dysfunction. However, it can make sex enjoyable for both parties since it involves communicating your sexual desires to each other. Just being slow and pouring your emotions during foreplay is another level of intimacy that you can achieve.

Enjoying Oral Sex

Different people have different preferences when it comes to sex. Some people enjoy oral sex much more than intercourse. Improving your oral skills can enhance both your and your partner’s sex drive whenever you’re struggling to stay erect during sexual intercourse.

Receiving oral sex can also be a pleasurable experience for both partners. It can add excellent intimacy and spice to your partner’s sex life. Individuals struggling with erectile dysfunction don’t have to replace intercourse entirely in the relationship, but it can be the missing piece in your sex life. Try it out to find out more about your sexual preferences in bed!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve reached the end of this page, you know how common erectile dysfunction is in the world. It can lead to loss of intimacy in marriages and relationships and affect one’s mental wellness, including your partner.

However, not all hope is lost since there are numerous ways couples today can work together to achieve their orgasms. Utilize the medicine and today’s incredible technology in the form of sex toys, and improve your foreplay skills.