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“PIERCING” New Alternative For Anxiety And Migraine Relief?


More than 29 million Americans are victims to anxiety and migraines with women risking three times more to get them as opposed to men, as it is reported by National Headache Foundation

      So, we can’t help but wonder what causes them, and most importantly what can we do to get rid of them?

      Everyday chores may precipitate these horrible headaches, such as watching television, eating certain foods, fluorescent lightings, excessive noise etc. The list goes on, but the fact remains that, when triggered, the person experiences unbearable pain and frustration which can lead to nausea and vomiting.

      If you go to a neurologist, he or she will most certainly prescribe you some anti-depressants to alleviate the pain along with some pills like Excedrin that are supposed to cut the pain altogether – but they seldom do. Moreover, I bet some of you also tried everything you can – from changing your diet, to meditation and yoga, and even acupuncture – but, with no great success.

      A brand-new cure and it comes in the form of jewelry

      Yes, you read right. Let us present you the “daith piercing”: a simple, cheap piece of jewelry.

      This procedure is relatively new and can be done at tattoo and piercing studios. However, there are not many statistics to prove that it works to everyone.

      Tammi Bergman, a specialist in headache relief, says that she always supports her patients in trying new things instead of medication. She says that people should not rely only to medications and pills because, as she adds, these pills that are supposed to cure migraines and anxiety are not yet approved by FDA. So, if there is a way you could go without taking them it is a great thing.

      Dave Kurlander, who performs this type of piercing on patients and is also owner of the Tempest Artistic Studio in Hopewell Junction NY, believes that this method really works and you should definitely try it.

      This process lasts for about 10 minutes and it is a much cheaper solution since it costs approximately 45 dollars, as opposed to acupuncture which is a lengthy and expensive process. Moreover, it is the same concept as acupuncture: while in acupuncture there are tiny needles places into different points of the body, the piercing hits a pressure point which reduces the pressure in the head.

      Dave Kurlander suggests piercing the ear that is located on the side where headaches mostly occur.

      However, the question remains that if there are no studies that support this procedure, how can we trust that it will work on us?

      All in all, I think that it is worth trying. If it works – great! And, if it doesn’t work, you’ll be left with a beautiful piercing. So, it is a win-win situation.