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Pregnancy: 4 Ways to Show Support to an Expectant Mom


Pregnancy is a celebrated period in a woman’s journey. It is sacred, delicate, beautiful and tough. Sacred, because she is going to give life to a new human being. Delicate, because there is a lot of risk and health factors to consider in the span of nine months. Beautiful, because apart from her pregnancy glow everything she does will be gentle and for the sake of a baby. Tough, because she will be under a lot of physical changes, pains, mood swings and hormonal imbalance – and for that, she needs support more than ever.

Whether you are a dearest friend, a relative or the spouse, there are many ways to show your care and support. Here are four ways to support an expectant mom.

Go to doctor appointments

No one wants to be alone, especially when you are going to a doctor’s clinic – not to mention pregnant. If you happen to be the doting parent, a lovely grandparent or the spouse, you should always make time and make sure to accompany her to her doctor’s appointment.

If you are a parent or a grandparent, your presence in that room is important because of the life experiences and wisdom you have, relative to pregnancy and parenthood. Apart from moral support, you can share a thing or two about how to deal with the issues that may arise during pregnancy.

If you happen to be the father of the angel inside of her, there should be nothing more important than her health and her well-being as of the moment. And going with her on her doctor’s appointment is the number one sign of your support. It is imperative that you go with her because this journey includes you. As a couple, you are in your first baby steps into making a family. In addition, the information you can get from the clinic is important, handy and informative on how you can properly take care of her.

Focus on her and not just the baby

Whatever she eats, the baby eats and whatever she feels the baby will feel as well. All the marketing for pregnancy-related products focuses on the welfare of the baby, and it is understandable that you will be focused on the baby. But take note that you need to take care of the two individual people, the baby, and the mother. Make sure your focus is not solely on the human inside of her but also to her. Always strive to make her feel comfortable, well taken care of and loved, for whatever she feels and goes through the baby also feels her journey.

Celebrate the baby

The most exciting part of pregnancy is the month of giving birth. The when, how becomes more complicated around this trimester. The excitement is already building up. But before anything else, there is a reason to hold a party. A baby shower party. It is to celebrate the coming of a lovely bundle of joy. You can show your support by organizing a baby shower party for the pregnant mother. This is a great gesture to make her feel that what’s coming is something to celebrate and you are all there to supper her. Make sure to put up a good decoration to have a festive feeling perfect for a baby shower like a diaper cake or a bunting made out of baby socks. Be sure to have a beautiful custom made cake and other delicious treats for her and her guests. A perfect way to celebrate this roller coaster journey on a good note. 

Be extra tolerant of her emotions

She may have the tendency to be a little moody and you as a support system needs to have the highest level of understanding. Her emotional upswings are scientifically backed by the hormonal changes in her body due to pregnancy. Be careful with your words as she can be quite sensitive around this time. Imagine a drastic change in your body, the uncontrollable feeling of being emotional and in pain. Go the extra mile in your tolerance and give her your utmost understanding.