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VIDEO: A Priest, Rabbi And Atheist Smoke Weed Together


“Why don’t we light a joint together, priest? Rabbi, are you in?” said the gay atheist. In a Cut video, this is exactly what happens, and the results are fabulous and eye-opening. The video features Jim More, a rabbi; Chris Schuler, an Episcopal priest; and Carlos Diller, a “conservative homosexual atheist”.

It answers some very important questions regarding the negative bias toward Marijuana and religion, while at the same time allowing three members of different belief groups to connect and discuss some very deep topics.

Regarding religion and Marijuana, Schuler says that “there’s no Biblical precedent” that goes against smoking Marijuana – and that’s where the party starts. Watching two men of religion sitting next to a gay atheist, and all getting baked from some serious smoking, is really something.

The effects? The priest gets really stoned, and won’t talk too much; the atheist takes over and starts discussing some deep thoughts regarding God, religion, and the people; and the rabbi starts blessing everyone and praying for them.

At a point, the priest and the atheist even draw each other weed-ash crosses on their foreheads!

“This is kind of cool. I’m smoking with some priests… and a rabbi,” says Diller. “Check off my bucket list.”