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3 Emotions That Psychopaths And Narcissists Use To Manipulate Others


Psychopaths and narcissists are one of the biggest manipulators you can come across. They would use your emotions, feelings and thoughts in order to make sure they look good and benefit from your actions or opinion.

The main purpose of these manipulators is to get what they can from you. If you’re inexperienced with people like this, consider yourself a potential victim. However, nothing is lost just yet. You can take the control over manipulators by taking control over your own emotions.

Specifically, there are 3 emotions that manipulators use to benefit from the others. These emotions are not necessarily bad or negative, but they’re all deep and powerful. We have them only when we truly care for someone and love. Although they’re a result of loving and caring, psychopaths and narcissists often use them for manipulation.

There are still some things you can do to prevent these people from reaching their goals. It takes focus and bravery, but it’s not impossible. Don’t allow manipulators take advantage of your sensitivity for their own benefit.

You will encounter a manipulator at least once in your lifetime, but you can escape from their trap soon enough. If you want to stop them in their plans on time, you need to be careful when expressing the following emotions.


When you’re being angry, you’re also being vulnerable to attacks from manipulators. In this state, they will see a chance to get something from you or use you in some way. When we’re angry, we are unstable and that makes it easy for others to influence us and affect our opinions. It’s important to see that anger is your enemy here. Indeed, anger is your enemy almost everywhere.

Whenever you’re angry, you need to concentrate and focus in order to make sure you’re not doing something you would regret. Avoid conversations and social situations when you’re angry. Don’t argue with people and don’t go around people who have tried to manipulate you in this state.

2. Happiness

Manipulators can take control over you even when you have a positive attitude. Joy and happiness are two emotions that can be easily used for manipulation. For instance, if you’re in a close relationship with a psychopath or narcissist, they might use the happiness you express against you when they need something. I know many cases where one of the partners threatens to leave if they don’t get something.

In these cases, you have to be brave and strong. You don’t need a manipulator beside you. Don’t allow them to use your joy to control you. Nobody has the right to do that. Be strong and leave as soon as you notice this.

3. Jealousy

The third emotion that manipulators use to take control is jealousy. This emotion makes you feel bad, but it also serves as an opportunity for the manipulator. How exactly does it work?

People feel jealousy when they care for someone. These feelings are so strong that they make us lose the control over our actions and thoughts. Manipulators use this state to blame the other side for their “bad and unreasonable” actions in order to make you do things their way.

The more jealous you feel, the lower the control you have over your actions. Once you lose the control, it’s much easier for the manipulator to take over.

Whenever you feel jealousy, relax and stay calm without overthinking about the situation. Be honest and listen to the included parties before you start making conclusions. Don’t let manipulators use your feelings as your weakness and start fights that will lead to the realization of their plans at the end.