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Qualities of a Good Mattress


The benefits of a good mattress cannot be stressed enough. It improves the quality of your sleep and prevents backaches and headaches from giving you a healthier life. But how do you determine a good mattress amid the numerous options in the market? 

The firmness of a mattress is the most critical factor to consider when shopping for a mattress. Most individuals assume that the most rigid mattress is the best choice, but that is further from reality. The best mattress should neither be too firm nor too soft, like pocket sprung mattresses for quality sleep. They provide excellent support and comfort for a refreshing and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

 You don’t want to wake up feeling like you spent the night sleeping on a plank of wood. Amazon retailers present a good example of the different sensation getting from each mattress. Similarly, if the mattress is too soft, it will harm the spine by making it fall out of alignment.

The size of your mattress should match the size of the bed. Many may not realize this, but the mattress size dictates the quality of your sleep. If it is too small, a significant space on the bed will be empty. So you must limit yourself on the sleeping positions to avoid falling on the space. Again, if the mattress is bigger than the bed, that compromises the balance as you sleep. Check out these qualities of a good mattress for side sleepers on Sleepline.

Some mattresses are too big to find fitted sheets, and although this does not affect your sleep quality, it makes it harder to create a theme for your bedroom. John Lewis offers great guidance on sizing.

A high-quality mattress is a smart investment. This is not something you shop for after every few weeks or months. It will help to have a mattress that can serve you for years while maintaining its comfort.

Look for a high-quality mattress, good enough to withstand most harsh elements. The material, the make, and the fillings should be of the best quality and should not wear and tear on their own. The recommended mattress replacement period is after ten years. Look for one that can at least serve you for eight years, if not the full stretch. 


The answer to the question above depends on your personal preference. Innerspring mattresses feature metal springs from support, while memory foam mattresses use gel. The latter is made of high-quality material and offers better all-around support. However, it will help research the pros and cons of each type to make a reasonable conclusion.

Comfort should always be on top of your mind when deciding which type of mattress suits you best. The reason is comfort dictates the quality of your sleep, which then affects your physical and mental health.

Although you will be using a mattress cover and sheets, the texture of your mattress still matters. The sheets may slip, which leaves you sleeping on a bare mattress. Ensure it feels comfortable and hard to notice.

Indeed, good-quality mattresses can be expensive. But they should be reasonably priced. Ensure that the amount you spend on a mattress purchase matches the value you get from it.

When weighing the price options, consider all the highlighted factors, from the firmness to the longevity and functionality of the mattress. It would be such a shame if you spent a lot on a mattress that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Final Thoughts

If you are having a hard time getting a night of good sleep, your mattress could be the problem. Check if it ticks off all the factors above. If not, consider upgrading it.