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Ranking Of Zodiac Signs By Who Is The Most Unlovable



This sign is the most independent and self-confident of all. Their analytical nature compels them to always notice and criticize everything which may feel a bit too much for their partners. Also, they have built big walls around them, so it is very difficult for others to get close to them.


Scorpio can sometimes act childish and not know what they want. One moment they can be excited and happy, only to turn mad and furious the next moment. As partners, they can be very negative and pessimistic, which is why they struggle to make their relationships last.


They are impulsive and have always something to say in an argument. They can be very immature, and they love their freedom so much that they can’t have a stable relationship. Their love for novelty and excitement can be difficult for their partners to cope with.  


Aquarians are usually calm and quiet people. They are also very closed off when it comes to showing their emotions. People have difficulty to understand them and their Aquarius’s secretive nature can become a burden in their relationships.


They are very trustworthy and loyal people. But they also want to be always number 1 in their relationships as well as in their business partnerships. And because of Capricorn’s need for being a priority, others can feel like they are always coming short in meeting their needs which will soon bring disappointment into the relationship.


Geminis can be very emotional, but they tend to doubt everything. They will struggle to make a decision, which can drive their partner crazy, but once they decide to give them their heart – their partner will be the luckiest because no other sign can love deeply as a Gemini can.

7. LEO

This sign is the proudest and self-confident of all. If you are in a relationship with a Leo, you have probably seen their selfish side. Their independence and self-sufficiency can really get on your nerves, but their ability to make exciting every boring situation will compensate their shortcomings.


Aries is the most romantic and the most passionate zodiac sign. And their partner has to provide them with an immense amount of attention and love as well. They can be your teacher, your lover, and your best friend – there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for you when they are in love.


Taurus is the most stubborn and the most devoted zodiac sign. When they are in love, they would do anything for their partner because they want to make them happy. They are also hard-workers and follow their plans diligently and passionately.


Libra is a sign that wants everyone to be happy and cares deeply about others. This makes them very lovable and amazing romantic partners. Love radiates from this sign, and others should really try to be more lovable and caring like them.


This sign is very honest and very emotional. If they want to be with you – they will tell you. As simple as that. They never play games, so their partners always know where they stand.


Cancer is a sign who is the perfect example of how love should look like. They care deeply about their partners and love with a love that you can only read about in books. Also, they have enormous amounts of patience and forgiveness for their loved ones.