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The Real Difference Between Hot Women And Beautiful Women


Ladies. We are skinny, cute, curvy, sexy, babes, juicy, voluptuous, and so on.

It seems like every time a man describes a woman he uses only adjectives that are dripping in defaming premises and sexual innuendos.

Women, let’s be honest. When was the last time you heard a man complimenting a woman on her intelligence, beauty, and elegance?

The truth is men tend to admire women by objectifying them. There is a loss of respect in men’s description of women, describing them as objects.

Most men look at women like things they need to conquer rather than appreciate them for the beauty of their soul and their individuality.

Most men nowadays are immediately attracted by big bottoms, large chests, stilettos, and hair extensions. They find bronzed skin and fake eyelashes sexy. It is like they are programmed to find any woman with perky breasts and a sculpted body attractive.

But what about those women who don’t like to be indulged in these male fantasies? What about those women who prefer flats over heels?

Those women who don’t dress to impress the men, but to enjoy and feel comfortable in their skin. Isn’t this attractive?

There are some men that judge women only on their sex appeal, not appreciating their grandeur and uniqueness of character.

They fail to see the natural beauty in women. They don’t realize that their concept of “attractiveness” will last until midnight when the makeup is wiped out.

It is a time we remind men of what is really beautiful. Because there is a big difference between beautiful and hot.

Hot is red lips and smokey- eyes – Beautiful is natural and bare face;

Hot is her curves – Beautiful is her mind;

Hot can be seen from afar – Beauty can only be understood from the heart;  

Hot are her moans – Beautiful is her manner of speaking;

Hot is devious – Beauty is innocence;

Hot is common and conventional – Beauty is unique;

Hot is youth – Beauty doesn’t have age;

Hot is Friday night – Beautiful is Sunday morning;

Hot is alluring – Beauty is wholesome;

Hot is grabbing her as* – Beautiful is making her breakfast;

Hot is a way of perception – Beauty is a way of appreciation;

Hot is a strong sex appeal – Beautiful is a strong and sharp mind;

Hot is an attractive appearance – True beauty is in the soul.