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The Reason Why Empaths Never Feel A Sense Of Belonging


Being an Empath myself, I know how it feels to always be aware of how dark is the dark side of people, especially with the fact that people tend to focus on the negative much more than on the positive.

And feeling this immense sense of unhappiness radiating from everyone around you is a task that nobody would gladly accept. And the saddest truth is that while you may think that your awareness of other people’s emotions will bring you closer to them, it actually does the opposite.

Not only will you become more lenient toward them for experiencing such emotional struggles and turmoil, but their inability to see your emotions will make them, in fact, crueler toward you in the end.

In the end, being an empath leads you to walk that dark path of closing off from the world and being the only one who can understand everyone but cannot be even seen for the person you are by those same people.

People have started seeing empathy for the weakness it brings in a society that has become obsessed with the negativity and has started projecting their perception into a reality which is too much to handle for the empath.

The sensitive side of the empath and their constant inner struggle with their own and the emotions of others can bear so much, but it comes at that price of ‘not belonging’ anywhere. At least that’s as far as the feeling goes.

Even if you try to get in a social surrounding of seemingly good friends, you start sniffing the hypocrisy that seems to be leaking through the words they say, and you start asking yourself whether this world has indeed gone crazy.

Perhaps the best thing is not to pay attention to the emotions that boom out of the people around you and start focusing on developing your inner peace, though. You don’t have to belong anywhere as long as you belong fully to yourself.

Be true to yourself and understand that people can’t be perfect. Your ability comes at a price, but all in all, the positive outcome of it is greater than all negative aspects joined together. You are a healer, and you are here to change the world.

Seeing its flaws only gives you the ability to change them one by one. As Elizabeth Lowell says, “Some of us aren’t meant to belong. Some of us have to turn the world upside down and shake the hell out of it until we make our own place in it.”