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9 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Millennials Refuse To Have Kids


Getting married and raising children are the most important roles we have as humans. Yes, older generations believed in this purpose, but is that the case now?

I don’t think so. If you ask millennials do they want to have children, without much thinking they will immediately replay NO!

If the picture which women had earlier involved having a big yard, white picket fence and children running around today’s picture is completely different.

Career first, say millennials.

Therefore, data from the Urban Institute which show that between 2007and 2012, birth rates among women in their 20s is about 15% lower, are not surprise at all.

A research from Pew showed that the number of people who don’t have children has doubled since 1970.

Our grandparents may think that we are selfish for not wanting to dedicate our lives raising children. But as we can see millennials are not much affected by what other people think and say. They’ll do whatever they feel is best for them.

Here are 9 reasons why millennials refuse to have children.

  1. We Live in an Awful World

Every time I turn the TV on there are news about some terrorists’ attacks, many dead and many seriously injured, some new disease has invaded the country or similar ugly things.

How on earth do you expect us to want to raise a child in this awful world? Like it’s not enough that we are trying to survive all the bad things that are happening? So, forgive us if we want to spare an innocent child from all the ugliness there is.

  1. We are Broke

The sad truth is that our generation is the most educated but the least paid one. There are so many people with a doctoral, master or professional degree but unfortunately they are not paid enough.

The expenses of everyday life are too high and we are struggling to make ends meet each month. We are still giving back the loans we’ve taken to cover the expenses for our education.

How could we afford housing, diapers, baby food, baby clothing (which is by the way as expensive as clothing for grown-ups), and the list goes on. It’s just unbearable.

And to mention same sex couples or couples who can’t have their own baby. Their journey would be even more expensive one. Surrogate and artificial insemination are very expensive methods and not everyone can afford them.

  1. Overcrowded World and Expensive Housing are just Too Much

There are too many people in the cities, and that is already causing many problems. Too many cars equal too much traffic. Too much traffic equals too much air pollution. Too much air pollution equals too many diseases and so on and so forth.

The amount of rents is too high because overpopulation increases demand and normally prices.

There are also many orphans and children who are starving and begging on the streets so if you are thinking about raising a child, why not adopt one. That way you won’t add to overpopulation and you’ll get the chance of being a parent.  

  1. Pregnancy is not Such a Blissful Period as They Say

Morning sickness, sore breasts, fatigue, nausea, throwing up after every meal, heartburns… blissful period, I don’t think so!

And then comes the time of giving birth. Even with all the improved medical technology childbirth is excruciatingly painful experience. The time for recuperation can take a long period of time too. This means no normal sexual activities for a long time either.

But wait, that’s not all. Imagine some little creature sucking on your breasts all day and all night long.

Are these reasons not enough?

  1. Some People have Children for Selfish Reasons

Some would say that not having children is a selfish act, but having kids for the wrong reasons, is that the right thing to do?

Some people decide to have children so they could save their shaky marriage or relationship while others do it out of boredom.

If you just want to see what a hybrid of you and your partner would look like, then don’t have children.

I’m grossed out whenever I see how people parade their children on Facebook or Instagram just so they could get more likes.

  1. We’ll Ruin Them With Terrible Parenting

Some of us admit that they can’t take care of themselves let alone take care of a child. There are some who don’t like children and can’t stand being around them.

I’ve spoken to some who have said that the only time they thought children are cute is when they are quiet and sitting still, and we all know that happens only when they are asleep, every 4 hours that is.

Some women just don’t have the so called motherly instinct that sets your biological clock and tells you when the time has come to have a baby.

  1. Career First Please

Just as the study shows, having both a successful career and a family is simply impossible. Even when a couple decides to have children, one of them has to stay at home or at least work less. That will of course have a negative impact on their achievement in the career area.

Therefore, many who want to stay focused on their career opt not to have children. That’s the wise choice if you ask me. Because what’s the point of giving birth to a child and then letting a babysitter raise them so you could work more and chase your dream? 

  1. Children Won’t Fix Your Relationship or Your Marriage

True story. There are so many pathetic people who think a child will restore their damaged relationship or save their marriage.

Others decide to have children just because the society and their surrounding expect them to.

Hats off to those who say they don’t care what society thinks as long as they are satisfied and happy with their own decision.

And if that’s not having kids and being a parent, then be it.

  1. We simply don’t Like Them! Period

Some people like chicken, some like pork while others like fish. Same goes with the choice to be a parent or not. Some people like the role while others simply don’t. There’s no particular reason why, it just doesn’t seem right to them.

What one does with their money, career, body or lifestyle choices is no one else’s business.

Everybody deserves to live a life as they see fit!

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