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5 Reasons Why Many Women Choose Not To Marry


“Why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t teach boys the same?”

Despite expectations from society to find ‘the one’, marry, and have kids, many women decide tying the knot is just not for them. What are the reasons for this? The reasons range from trivial ones like “I don’t want to share my bed” and “I like my last name so much” to more substantial ones.

1.    Single motherhood has become more widely accepted

A recently published study states that 40% of the women in the States decide to give birth unmarried, especially those without college degrees. With the idea of single motherhood becoming more widely accepted, women don’t believe they have to be married in order to have children, even if men make better money. They see it as a pattern they don’t need to follow.

2.    Financial independence

Women no longer need men to support them! Most women today have successful careers with great incomes that allow them to grow, travel, and be independent… Women can fulfill all their needs so, marriage becomes obsolete and unnecessary for them.

3.    Can’t or don’t want to have kids

Among the confessions shared on the ‘Whisper’ app, many women base their decision of not getting married on the ability or desire to have kids. Those who can’t have kids want to stay out of marriage because they’re aware their partner will eventually want kids. Others are simply happy child-free but fear that their partner will reject the idea.

4.    Divorce rates and unhappy marriages

Many women who come from broken marriages prefer to remain unmarried because they don’t want to go through a divorce. Others fear that being married means being controlled and restrained. They’ve seen friends being turned from independent women into housewives and stay-at-home moms or those who stay in unhappy marriages because of the kids. No wonder they prefer to keep their freedom by not tying the knot!

5.    Still waiting for ‘the one’

Despite all the above-mentioned reasons, there is still a large portion of women who remain single because they’re still hoping to find ‘the one’. They believe that there is the perfect partner out there and they refuse to just settle to not being alone.