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Reintegrate Home Economics Class Into Modern Education System Since Our Children Lack Basic Life Skills


While it was very common for Home Economics classes to be taught at schools and universities 80 years ago, today they’re taught far less often. In addition, the content is regarded as “diluted” and incorporated in several undergraduate related courses, like Family Studies, Food, and Nutrition, or Health and Safety. 

Of course, reading, writing, English, Math, Science, and History are all important subjects to learn in school, but an entire range of basic life skills that get students through daily life is not present in school curricula.

What’s more, today’s students often say that they don’t need to learn basic life skills in schools because they can learn these at home with the help of their parents and grandparents.

Yes, parents can do a lot to provide children with simple real-life skills at home, but schools can do a way better job of helping students to be better individuals not only in the education system but at home and in society as well.

Students need programs that will help them develop and master the needed skills for cooking, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, tackling budgets, and doing taxes. After all, what’s the point of expecting a student to know to analyze properly or write a Shakespearean sonnet if they’re not able to identify nutritious plants, cook, manage their finances, or use screwdrivers?

Therefore, Home Economics or Consumer Sciences Classes need to be brought back home. Schools need to provide students with all the knowledge they need so that they can enter the “real world” well prepared and know how to take care of themselves as well as rear their own loved ones.

Opinions are divided over the importance of Home Economics classes. But, we believe that it’s wrong to consider them as a part of an outdated schooling system. Because they are what provide students with valuable skills that last a lifetime.