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10 Reasons The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Girl Who Likes To ‘Fix’ People


Everyone has been broken and many of us are still broken. We learn that sooner or later. For us that have learned that early on, we know although everyone has a weak spot, people are continuously changing.

Everyone can heal from a broken heart and have a happy ending after a bad relationship. Everyone can be successful even if they had thousands of failures. Every scar can be mended and everything can be improved. Girls who like to “fix” people know this better than anyone else.

The girl that likes to “fix” people shows how much she cares. She wants to see the people around her happy and she likes to inspire them to grow and heal, when needed. This girl is braver than any other girl you would meet because she has the courage to take action. Keep her in your life because that will be the best relationship of your life. Why?

1.This girl is everything but a quitter.

She will not give up at the first obstacle you face. For her, every problem has a solution and it’s up to her to find it, no matter what it takes. She will never stop trying. She doesn’t panic when she faces a difficult situation. No matter what difficulty you face in the relationship, she won’t stop until she fixes it.

2. She has a positive approach to everyday life which helps her fix the problems more easily.

In the relationship, she will always try hard to focus on the positive rather than the bad things. She will believe in you and the connection you have. Sometimes, she will see the potential in you before you do.

3. If she is not successful at the moment, she probably will achieve success soon just because of her perseverance.

Just as she will inspire you to be better, in the same matter she will be persistent with her own endeavors. In the same way she wants to fix the others, she is also constantly trying to fix herself and be the best version of herself.

4. She is a believer.

Many people have told her that she cannot fix everyone, but she doesn’t quit. She realizes that some people need a little help to succeed and she can be that helping hand for people around her.

5. In her past, she had failures and she knows how it feels to lose motivation and be broken.

She has healed from that and she will help you heal, too, even you feel ashamed to admit that you need help. She is brave enough to act even if she hasn’t been asked to. And she will fix your broken heart.

6. She is aware that everybody has a dark side.

But instead of criticism, she will offer support and help for your failures.Your dark side is known to her, so she will use it to show you the positive part of it. She will not judge you, but she will be by your side no matter what.

7. She is also aware that nobody is perfect.

She has embraced her flaws and learned how to live with them. In the same way, she will hold your hand while you embrace yours. She will support you and encourage you to use your imperfections for your benefit.

8. She forgives and forgets.

Only the strongest people are able to forgive and for her, forgiveness comes with seeing people for what they truly are. She is aware that everyone makes mistakes, even her. She believes in second chances.

9. She will do her best to fix you, but she will not leave afterwards.

Don’t think that you are just another challenge or that she is with you because you need fixing. She is trying to fix people that she loves. If she wants to help you, it means that she wants to see you happy and she knows that you can do better.

10.She is a fighter and wants to see the world become a better place.

By fixing the others, she wants to fix the world and be part of the change. Instead of being idle and staying passive, she takes action to help the world. This determination to make positive changes will motivate you to do the same.