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Relieve Stress With This Powerful Technique You Can Do Absolutely Anywhere


Stress is one of the primary reasons why we can’t function properly. It takes us further away from the solution of the problem we should be dealing with, it creates a chaos in our thoughts and energy and blocks us off from rational thought. There are many techniques you can do to relieve stress, but there are few you can do anywhere.

Next time you are stressed, try this powerful technique that will help you instantly relieve stress and fight stress on the long run as well, by training your brain to react differently in stressful situations.

The Way the Technique Works

This technique works with the neurovascular points on your forehead, which means bringing more blood to the frontal lobe of your brain where all the intellectual processes are taking place. In fact, you take the blood from your more primal fear-based area of your head, which is activated when you are stressed out or overwhelmed, to the area where intellectual thought sits.

This helps you to relieve stress and bring the problem to the rational you for a different kind of processing and understanding. It is a soothing technique and it helps you face stressful situations better on the long run if practiced whenever stress comes back.

How to Do It?

You can do it anywhere, but it is best if you lie down and use pillows to hold up your elbows, as the longer you do it, the better the effects.

Follow these steps for a stress-free you:

  1. Place your hands gently on the forehead so that the tips of your fingers are touching at the middle of it and the base of the palm is over your temples.
  2. Don’t apply pressure, a gentle touch is enough.
  3. Keep your hands there until you feel better.
  4. While in that position, bring up the problem which caused the stress in the first place to your attention.
  5. Contemplate on it and you will see that the situation won’t seem as bad, as you have shifted your approach to it from a different perspective and energy.

By rewinding the story while holding the neurovascular points, you are training your mind to react differently to situations of that nature by changing your emotional habits or responses.