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What “Respect” Really Means Because It’s More Than Holding Open Doors


Someone being respectful towards you is much more than holding door for you or getting the chair at a restaurant. It is not only picking you up from home when going out. Respect is much more than being polite. It is more than using nice vocabulary in front of you.

Respect is when someone brings flowers and a modest gift for your mother at family occasions.

Respect is knowing when you are tired and offering you a ride. It’s helping you finish some task or work. Supporting you to get a promotion or motivating you master a skill.

A respectful man will think about things such as how satisfied you are with your job and career. He will make sure that you are self-actualized. A respectful person will call you instead of text you when you have some serious talk to do!

Respect means paying attention to your feelings and sending you a notice when he is late so that you don’t worry about him.

It means paying attention not to cause negative feelings about yourself. Respect means that he will listen to what you have to say when you are having an argument. It’s allowing you to speak your mind.

Respectful person would never say something mean to you even, especially not when you are fighting about something important. He would never call you names or insulting words such as bitch or similar regardless of how nervous he is.

He treats you as equal to him in any situation. At some point, anyone can make a mistake and say something wrong, but if there is respect between you that will happen on rare occasions and an apology will follow. Respectful person is never ashamed to say he is sorry because his dignity is not above his respect.

Respect means he is ready to make a sacrifice for you. Respect is when he is holding himself back when you are not in the mood for sex. Being on the same level when something annoys you.

Understanding when you feel uncomfortable and not forcing you to go somewhere you don’t want to. Reacting positive on what you say and ask from him.

Respect is when you don’t lie to someone even when the truth is painful. Never hiding what happened even if he knows you will not like it! Respect is when he not only likes the way you look but also the way you think. Respect is loving you the same regardless if you are wearing a mini skirt or jeans.

Presenting you to his friends and family as his girlfriend. Standing up for you when some of his friends and family say something inappropriate to you. Removing all his dating applications and ex-girlfriends simply because he doesn’t need them anymore. Paying attention to small details that are important to you.

Respect is equally important in a relationship as love/ I would say even more.

The most disrespectful thing he can do is physically attack you. If he is the cause for crying every day and night he doesn’t care about you and he doesn’t respect you at all. Seeing other women or girls also indicates that he doesn’t respect you.

The truth is, if someone doesn’t respect you he doesn’t deserve to be respected either. If someone is disrespectful to you, you need to leave him because he is not worthy being with you.

What you need to know after this is that respect is a mutual thing. It doesn’t go one way only, but both ways. If you want to be respected by someone you need to show respect as well.