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Role of Translation Services in the Beauty Industry 


The concept of beauty in different cultures is different. In some cultures, a lean body and white color is a sign of beauty, while in other cultures, people like fat and curvy bodies. Sometimes, it happens that a person that looks beautiful to you looks ugly to others. 

It is a very famous saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, there are no specific standards to measure beauty. Technology has brought innovation in many fields. The beauty and cosmetic industry is not an exemption. To understand the concept of beauty in different cultures, you need to take the assistance of Beauty & Cosmetics Translation Services.

Significance of the Beauty Industry 

 The beauty industry is very wide. Hair, skin, weight, and personal care all come under the umbrella of the beauty industry. The important thing to note is that beauty is not for females only. It is also a concern for males. Women and men all want to look beautiful. According to a rough estimate, the global beauty industry’s worth is $511 billion, and in this amount, the worth of men’s beauty care is $ 116 billion. 

At present many beauty and cosmetic brands are offering their products and services according to international standards. To promote them in international markets, cosmetics translation services are of great importance for them. The key role of language in the beauty industry is to market their products in a language that customers understand so that they can purchase them. (1)

Cosmetic Advertisements and the Languages 

 People get enticed by beauty care products through the captivating slogans in their advertisements. The words used in the advertisement should be used carefully. For this reason, their slogans consist of catching words. They give attention to detail to noun phrases and adjectives. One of the important reasons to choose words is the target audience. 

The concept of beauty in every culture is different so offensive words should not be used in advertisements. One of the famous posts on deodorant for women on Facebook stated that White is Purity that depicts that deodorant is not visible on white skin. In other words, it is visible on black skin. This advertisement received great criticism because it promoted racism. Therefore using appropriate words and phrases in cosmetic translation is very important. 

How Beauty is Related to Health 

If you are not well then it affects your overall appearance. You don’t look fresh. Health plays an important role in the beauty of the person. If you are internally healthy then your nails, hair, and skin shine. Due to digitalization, people are more aware than before. The internet is full of information regarding weight loss, and skin and hair care tips. Here healthcare translation services are of great help.

People visit different nutritionists to get specific diet plans for weight loss. Similarly, people visit dermatologists for skin care and to stop the signs of aging on the skin. To understand the entire treatment in medical terminology, people take the assistance of medical translation services

Translation Requirements in Beauty Industry 

Translation in the beauty industry covers content related to marketing material. It involves content related to marketing material on the website and technical safety information. The things that require translation in the beauty industry are 

  • Brand Messages 
  • Labeling and packaging 
  • Subtitles and Voiceovers for Videos 

Brand Message 

The brand message is an important part of marketing. Global cosmetic companies spend a large amount of money on developing the brand message. They want a brand message that distinguishes them from their competitors. Therefore the brand message should be creative. 

The translators that work on brand messages take assistance from transcreation. This makes the brand message more engaging and meaningful. In this way, people can feel that cosmetic products are specially designed for them despite cultural intricacies.    

Labeling and Packaging 

Cosmetic industries use different chemicals in the preparation of cosmetic products. Therefore labeling and packaging of cosmetics matter a lot. In developing countries, most cosmetic products are imported from developed countries. 

Thus to understand the chemical ingredients involved in the cosmetic product, chemical translation services are required. The labeling and packaging should fulfill all the legal requirements. It might be possible that a person is allergic to a certain ingredient involved in the product. Here clarity in labeling and packaging can save people. 

 Subtitles and Voiceovers for Videos 

 Cosmetic and beauty companies also include different editorials regarding skincare or hair care routines in multimedia content. This content needs to be localized into many languages through subtitles and voiceovers. These videos are very instrumental in promoting cosmetic and healthcare product uses. (2)

Wrapping Up 

Due to social media influence, the beauty and cosmetic industry are in the spotlight. Translation for the brand message, labeling, packaging, subtitles, and voiceover are necessary to compel people to use beauty product lines. These translations will help people to understand which products are suitable for them. The cosmetic and beauty industry is related to the well-being of people. 

Therefore, you must hire a professional translation agency to get seamless translation services. The popularity of beauty products gets from good word of mouth. Thus apart from translation, you must pay attention to the quality of the products.