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Roll Up Your Sleeves: 50 Things To Get Rid Of Right Now


Is your home getting crowded? Are there lots of unnecessary stuff? What about things that bring painful memories? Is that causing you stress?

Do you want to turn a new page of your life book? Then, you should start cleaning to remove all the dust of negative energy from your home!

Of course, you don’t have to wait for the New Year to get rid of unwanted stuff, or things that are no longer of your need! Every day is a good opportunity for a great change. A new day- a new beginning.

Well, if you find yourself in a great mood to make your home breathe, roll up your sleeves, let’s get this thing done! Let’s bring some fresh air! Let’s make decluttering fun!

Here is a list of things that may help you choose what you want to get rid of.

Don’t be afraid to start! You want to start a brand-new life! I am sure you won’t miss these things:

1. Old medication (it’s dangerous)

2. Old shoes

3. Dead batteries

4. Expired makeup

5. The shirt you never wore

6. Dull knives

7. Old toothbrushes

8. Old cookbooks (I mean, how often do you use them?)

9. CDs and cassettes

10. Cables

11. Dishes you don’t need

12. Old towels

13. Broken sunglasses

14. Clothes that don’t fit (You can donate them or give to your family)

15. Last year’s calendar

16. Old suntan lotion

17. Expired food

18. Tons of furniture

19. Extra blankets

20. Everything that brings painful memories

21. Old bags

22. Duplicate kitchen tools

23. Socks with holes

24. Condiment packets

25. Baby clothes

26. Extra office suppliers

27. Old mobile phones

28. Dried flowers

29. Old nail polish

30. The photo of your ex-partner (It’s got to be hidden somewhere😊)

31. The chair you don’t sit in

32. Games with broken or missing pieces

33. Old kitchen sponges

34. Mismatched socks

35. Old wallets

36. Broken lampions and tree lights

37. Unused perfume

38. Expired spices and sauces

39. Expired soaps

40. The toy you never liked

41. Books you won’t read again

42. Extra toiletries

43. Old newspapers

44. Jewelry you never used

45. Extra buttons

46. Vases

47. Rubber bands

48. Old invitations

49. Chargers

50. Hair clips

-Feel free to add more things.

It may seem like a never-ending list, but once you declutter your home, you’ll see the benefits on your overall well-being.

No regrets. Say goodbye and welcome the new version of your home. Free yourself and find joy in all the simplicity. Greet the new refreshing day with a big smile.